IKEA to phase out plastic from consumer packaging by 2028

A workshop with packaging materials. Two designers discussing construction by a worktop with cardboard packaging prototypes.

In line with our commitment to have a positive impact on both people and the planet, IKEA will phase out plastic from consumer packaging solutions. The phase-out will happen in steps, starting with the new range by 2025, and the running range by 2028. With this phase-out, IKEA aims to reduce plastic waste and pollution, and drive the industry agenda to develop packaging solutions centred around renewable and recycled materials.

Letting light lead the way

A worktop with coloured plastic tubes, lamp prototypes, a bright yellow plastic donut shape and the hands of two people.

Light is far more to everyday life than simply a guide in the dark. For designer Sabine Marcelis, it’s just as much inspiration and tool – not least in her new collaboration with IKEA. We talked to Sabine about the idea behind the upcoming collection, her fascinations, and how light comes into play with it all.

A more sustainable LED bulb to brighten our homes

A wooden tabletop with two IKEA SOLHETTA LED bulbs, their white and red paper packaging and a light bulb in the background.

Did you know that LED bulbs can help conserve electricity? It may not be possible to change an energy grid from running on coal or stop the continuous use of fossil-based fuels year on year, but we all can take small steps that become powerful when they come together. Meet the team behind the IKEA SOLHETTA LED bulbs and find out more about energy efficiency and our more affordable range of LED bulbs.

IKEA to only purchase zero-emission fuels for ocean shipping by 2040

A large number of red, orange, yellow and blue shipping containers packed tightly on a blue shipping vessel on the ocean.

IKEA joins forces with several global companies by signing the 2040 ambition statement through the collaborative platform Cargo Owners for Zero Emission Vessels, facilitated by the Aspen Institute. The ambition statement makes it clear that global transport buyers want zero-carbon shipping, and rapidly accelerating decarbonising efforts.

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