Assembling a better future at COP26

A smiling woman is holding a sofa part without cover in a living room with a sofa, pillows, a table, plants and a pouffe.

Our planet is the home we all share. Climate change affects everyone, and we need to act now. If we all work together – businesses, governments and people – we still have time to assemble a better future. This year’s United Nations Climate Conference (COP26) is pivotal in achieving this.

IKEA is supporting COP26 by acting decisively

IKEA introduces a new generation of LED

Lit LED light bulbs in different shapes and sizes hanging from the ceiling at different heights in front of a green curtain.

Lighting accounts for about 15% of global electricity consumption. Improving the energy efficiency of lighting sources plays a vital role in decreasing the climate footprint of homes and businesses worldwide. Having already converted all lighting to LED, IKEA is now taking the next step by introducing a new generation of LED light bulbs. The SOLHETTA range is more affordable and, on average, 35% more energy-efficient.

Mirjam on knowing the chemicals in your favourite T-shirt

A portrait of Mirjam Luc, project leader for recycled textiles at IKEA, sitting in a chair in an airy office environment.

A white T-shirt and blue jeans have been the ultimate fashion uniform for decades now. But did you know that the whiteness of T-shirts comes from bleaches and dyes, which are often laced with chemicals, and they never entirely go away? This concerns IKEA because we want to use recycled materials to become a circular business. Together with H&M, IKEA has conducted a large-scale study on chemicals in post-consumer textiles. Mirjam Luc, project leader for recycled textiles at IKEA explains how this research takes us one step closer to our ambition of only using renewable and recycled materials by 2030.

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