Ilse Crawford’s contribution to sustainability: neverending beauty

A woman dressed in white sitting on the armrest of a grey wing chair in front of a wooden bookshelf with books and objects.

What if you could design a candle holder, a vase or a plant pot that not only serves its purpose but is also so beautiful that we never want to replace it? That’s one of the starting points for the long-term collaboration between Ilse Crawford and IKEA, and that’s what she aims to accomplish through her latest collection for us.

Recharging for a more sustainable future

A closeup of the inside of an IKEA LADDA battery charger with two light green batteries attached and two missing.

Many people think rechargeable batteries are complicated and expensive, so we challenged ourselves to offer our customers a simple solution – a long-lasting rechargeable €1 battery that’s ready to use. These batteries also reduce waste as they don’t need to be disposed of. Let’s keep the planet cleaner together!

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Making renewable energy a habit for IKEA suppliers

A sky filled with clouds and some sunrays breaking through them over a field with high grass and a wind turbine.

The Head of Climate at IKEA, Andreas Ahrens, has been part of initiating a new program that will enable more than 1,600 IKEA suppliers globally to embrace renewable electricity and replace traditional coal and other fossil-based electricity. It’s a huge challenge, but Anders has found a way to make commitments easy: “Make them a part of your daily life by turning them into habits”, he says.

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