Our view on clothing storage unit furniture stability

While offering affordable products is at the heart of everything we do, IKEA always prioritises safety and quality. Whenever we develop a new product, we take great care to make sure that we can keep the promise we give to our customers – IKEA products are safe to use.

Furniture tip-over incidents have long been a serious safety issue in the home. As a leader in the home furnishing industry, IKEA is fully committed to proactively contribute to solutions that minimise the risk of tip-over and prevent future tragedies.

Safety from the very beginning: All our products are developed using a rigorous risk assessment and testing programme. IKEA complies in all markets with local requirements and updates as changes are adapted. Here you can read more about how IKEA develops safe products.

Industry standards and regulations: IKEA plays an active role in the development of standards around the globe, collaborating and leading task groups with safety and industry representatives to strengthen furniture standards in various markets. We welcome sustained efforts by all stakeholders to drive action toward reducing the risks of furniture tip-over and frequently engage with policymakers on this topic. For example, in the United States, we have used our voice to advocate for a mandatory rule for clothing storage units, working with the U.S. Congress on the “Stop Tip-Overs of Unstable, Risky Dressers on Youth (STURDY) Act” and sharing our experience and knowledge with the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Tip-over restraints and assembly instructions: At IKEA we believe that the safest way to prevent tip-over incidents is to properly attach the furniture to the wall according to the assembly instructions provided. IKEA has for decades included tip-over restraints and assembly instructions with chests of drawers over a certain height as well as other products. Customers can also order wall anchoring kits at IKEA.com or pick up at any IKEA store.

Building awareness:
“Secure It!” is the IKEA global campaign, initiated in 2015, to ensure home safety by sharing knowledge with all consumers about the importance of anchoring chests of drawers to the wall. IKEA provides information to customers both in stores and on the web, as well as in packages and in assembly instructions, to explain the importance of wall attachment and other safety information to avoid tip-over accidents. Where there is a need, we have implemented a selling solution that requires customers to acknowledge the need for wall attachment before purchasing. IKEA has also developed the Safer Home initiative, an innovative way to raise awareness about common hazards in the home, through tips and solutions on how to create a safer life at home for families with children between 0-7 years. We achieve this through workshops in the IKEA stores and information on our web channels about children’s development and room safety tips.

Innovation: We believe innovations will lead the industry toward a long-term solution to minimise the risks of furniture tip-over. IKEA is heavily investing in research, innovation, product development and testing, leading to technical solutions for furniture stability. To encourage industry-wide innovations, we urge for regulations and standards to account for and acknowledge the use of technical solutions. Last year, IKEA announced the development of its GLESVÄR family of chests and dressers with safety features designed to decrease tip-over risk. GLESVÄR was launched on selected markets during 2020. Here you can read more about GLESVÄR. In addition to GLESVÄR, we have recently launched the SMÅSTAD, a family of modular children’s storage furniture with drawers that slide back into the dresser once extended. When the drawers slide back, the center of gravity follows, which makes the dresser less prone to tip over.


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