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Our view on decarbonising transport and logistics

All IKEA products go through a journey – from the supplier to a distribution centre and/or a store before they reach the homes of millions of people who love our products. This journey has an impact on people and our planet, which gives us a big responsibility, a strong sense of purpose, and the opportunity to do great things. We are rethinking everything – the materials we use, energy consumption in our operations, and how we can prolong our products' lives – and not the least, how our products are moved through our supply chain.

We are excited to share concrete examples from across the IKEA transport and logistics supply chain in our annual Co-creating a decarbonised goods flow. Let these good examples instil confidence and inspire us to accelerate our common climate journey!

By 2030, we are committed to becoming climate positive by reducing more greenhouse gas emissions than the IKEA value chain emits while growing the IKEA business. For transport and logistics, our goals are to reduce the carbon footprint from every transport we do by an average of 70% and by 80% in absolute terms from our logistics operations.

Our ambitious decarbonise agenda guides us throughout this journey. We are committed to reducing, replacing, and rethinking the ways we supply our products to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We work with a diversified portfolio of initiatives and solutions, short- and long-term simultaneously with the same sense of urgency.

Reduce is about increasing efficiencies in everything we do. We work together with our service providers to reduce fuel and energy consumption, increase equipment utilisation, and optimise our transport network.

Replace is about replacing fossil fuels. We are switching to intermodal solutions, increasing the use of more sustainable fuels and renewable energy, and striving for electrification of freight fleets.

Rethink is about integrating innovations and new technologies into our value chain. We are rethinking everything by being open to new ideas, thinking outside the box, and collaborating with others to drive innovation.

“Since we started our decarbonise journey, we have achieved a lot. However, the world is in a countdown mode to limit climate change effects, and there is a need to speed up. We need to do even more to reach our goals. But we cannot achieve these goals alone. Nor do we have all the answers. We invite our partners and other companies to join us on the journey to reduce, replace and rethink. Together we can create a positive change and build a more sustainable future”, says Elisabeth Munck af Rosenschöld Sustainability Manager Supply Chain Operations at Inter IKEA Group. “We must gear up for the journey ahead of us. By working even closer together, thinking outside the box and accelerate the sustainable pathways to the future.”

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