More sustainable animal agriculture and better animal welfare

At IKEA, we want our business to have a positive impact on people and the planet. Guided by the IKEA values, sustainability is an integrated part of everything we do – for us, improving animal welfare and enabling a shift towards more sustainable animal agriculture is a part of our sustainability ambitions and central to the IKEA Food business direction.

We will do this through the IKEA Better Programmes which frame our global vision for more sustainable animal agriculture, and address areas where we believe we can achieve the biggest impact. They consist of a set of sourcing criteria for all the major species in our supply chain with a focus on animal welfare, public health, and environmental management at the farm level. Each species programme identifies key “better” principles under these focus areas based on current science, feedback from suppliers and internal and external experts while also taking into account customer and co-worker expectations.

Animal welfare
Animals in our supply chain should live decent lives. This means that the environments animals are reared in, the way animals are handled, and standard on-farm practices must prioritise good physical health, good mental health, and the expression of natural behaviour.

Public Health

Human health and animal health are linked. We aim to help curb the spread of antibiotic resistance by focusing on eliminating the routine use of antibiotics and phasing out the use of highest priority critically important antibiotics for human medicine.


Environmental Management
Deforestation for agricultural purposes is linked to climate change. We will aim to ensure that animal feed does not contribute to deforestation and that animal manure is managed to avoid environmental pollution.


Our ambition
Our ambition is that sourcing of eggs, chicken, pork, beef, dairy, and salmon will be compliant with the Better Programmes by the end of 2025. The Better Programmes contribute to the achievement of the IKEA People and Planet Positive strategy, which describes our sustainability agenda, by ensuring that we source animal products responsibly.


As we recognise, we cannot do this alone, we welcome opportunities to build on this approach from like-minded suppliers, farmers, experts, businesses and NGOs. In addition, we engage in a number of multi-stakeholder platforms to take this journey together with the wider industry. For example, we are a founding member of the Global Coalition for Animal Welfare (GCAW), a global platform uniting major companies and animal welfare experts in advancing animal welfare standards throughout the global food supply chain, and we are an invited member of the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) technical working group on animal welfare to include specific animal welfare indicators in their global standard for responsible aquaculture for the first time.


Alongside enabling a shift towards more sustainable animal agriculture, we aim to find a better balance of more sustainable proteins from both plant and animal sources. The IKEA food range already includes a number of plant-based products such as the veggie ball, the veggie hot dog, plant-based soft ice and the plant ball. 


For more detailed information related to how we work with animal welfare, individual species criteria and implementation roadmaps, and our general progress and next steps please view the related documents.

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