Towards more sustainable animal agriculture and better animal welfare in the food supply chain

Our commitment to more sustainable agriculture and better animal welfare is strongly connected to the IKEA vision of creating a better everyday life for the many people. We believe that good food starts with high-quality ingredients, including those from animals that have experienced a decent life.

Central to our animal welfare ambition is to include all stages of an animal’s life and along all points in the supply chain – farm, transport, and slaughter as well as allowing animals to express normal behaviours through the provision of environmental enrichment.

Species-specific sourcing requirements as well as other responsible sourcing commitments, have been established for animal based raw materials used in IKEA food products such as eggs, beef, dairy, chicken pork, and fish. Across all species, there are also a number of practices that we aim to phase-out, such as:

  • Extreme confinement
  • Routine physical alterations
  • Routine use of antibiotics

For more detailed information about the IKEA view on animal welfare, individual species requirements and general progress please view the related documents below.

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