Four piles of cellulosic fibres showing four stages of production of recycled polyester.

Our view on man made cellulosic fibres

At IKEA, sustainability is one of the five pillars of Democratic Design. This is also reflected in the raw materials we source for our products. Even when the materials as such are sourced at relatively low volumes, they must meet our strict sustainability criteria.

Man-made cellulosic fibres (MMCFs) are wood derived and therefore, IKEA only accepts MMCFs made of wood from forests independently verified as responsibly managed. 

Within the MMCF family in our range, IKEA today use viscose and lyocell. The MMCFs comes from wood where the cellulose has been dissolved and then converted back to insoluble fibrous cellulose. Different chemical processes are today used for this regeneration.


At IKEA, we are constantly looking for more resource efficient ways of producing materials and products, and our MMCF agenda is no exception. Inter IKEA Group are together with H&M, Stora Enso and innovator Stig Larsson, co-chairing and co-owning the company TreeToTextile AB, with the long-term goal of developing ways to produce cellulosic based textile fibres, using less chemicals and water than the conventional industry. We look forward to the future, where we hope to have a broad implementation of this fibre production in our viscose range, and to be able to offer our customers products from more sustainable materials, coming only from responsible sources.


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