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IKEA continues to grow in challenging times

This last year was challenging for people everywhere. Inflation was a big part of that, and people could afford less and less. These challenges continue to give us perspective into people’s lives at home, our business and our priorities. Homes now fulfil more functions and solve more problems than ever before, making the IKEA vision and business idea especially relevant: To create a better everyday life for the many people by offering a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them.

Key IKEA facts & figures for FY22

  • EUR 44.6

    billion in IKEA retail sales

  • 38

    new IKEA sales locations

  • 231,000

    IKEA co-workers around the world


IKEA retail sales reached EUR 44.6 billion

  • EUR 39.6 billion
  • EUR 41.9 billion
  • EUR 44.6 billion

The total FY22 IKEA retail sales reached EUR 44.6 billion compared to EUR 41.9 billion in FY21. The IKEA financial year runs from 1 September to 31 August.

New IKEA locations opened around the world

A grey world map with plenty of orange dots showing where IKEA locations opened in FY22.

Online and store sales

This year, IKEA store sales grew 13% compared to in FY21, when many stores were closed due to the pandemic. Overall, they welcomed 822 million visitors in FY22 compared to 775 million in FY21. Store sales grew mainly in Europe, where FY21 lockdowns were most severe. At the same time, online sales were 10% lower compared to FY21, though they stabilised at a higher level this spring. IKEA online channels hosted 4.3 billion visitors, down from 5 billion last year.

FY22 products sold through stores (%)


FY22 products sold online (%)


FY22 services to customers (%)


231,000 IKEA co-workers made it happen

XXX,XXX co-workers made it happen

  • 217,000
  • 225,000
  • 231,000

Range development for affordability, desirability and sustainability

IKEA wants to inspire and enable people to save water at home. The ÅBÄCKEN water mist nozzle will help customers cut down on water usage at home by up to 95% and raise awareness that every drop of water we save matters. The ÅBÄCKEN water mist nozzle will start selling in all IKEA markets in October 2022.