A man and a woman sitting on a grey sofa in front of white storage.

Robotic ROGNAN unlocks invaluable square meters at home

Robotics can make living spaces feel much bigger than they actually are. When Ori and IKEA bring this innovative technology to peoples home with ROGNAN, it’s about opening up a new way of comfortable and intelligent small space dwelling.

It looks remarkably elegant and easy when pushing the ROGNAN interface touchpad. In no time, the robotic all-in-one furniture turns from being a bed to a sofa, to a walk-in-closet, and with another touch, back to a bed or a couch-lounge again. The intention behind is to make use of the square meters at home in an even more practical way. If you don’t need your bed during the day? Just hide it away and make space for some chilling on the sofa instead. And when you sleep – do you really need access to your walk-in-closet?

“With help from robotic furniture system, we want to transform rooms effortlessly, to create a living space that feels and act as if it was much bigger. It can be turning your living room into your bedroom, or your bedroom into your office”, says Hasier Larrea, founder and CEO of the American robotic furniture startup, Ori.

A man and a woman standing in a white room with a grey sofa and white storage behind them.
Hasier Larrea from Ori and Seana Strawn from IKEA with ROGNAN in the background.

With approximately 1,5 million people moving into the cities globally every week, the urban population is booming and comes with a need for urgent solutions to smart small space living. IKEA and Ori teamed up around a shared passion and desire to offer a broad group of people better homes that they genuinely like.

“To work together with Ori and combine their robotics expertise with our expertise on home furnishing, that makes something truly unique. Robotics as a technology is in one way already something people are getting used to in our homes, such as robotic vacuum cleaners and lawnmowers. We want to use this technology to make people’s lives better and more comfortable, especially for small spaces. It is not nearly as futuristic as it may seem”, says Seana Strawn, Product developer for new innovations at IKEA of Sweden.

A large white piece of furniture with a grey sofa and white storage built in.

ROGNAN from the front in a room.

A large white piece of furniture with a stow-away bed on one side and a grey sofa and TV on the other.

During night-time you make ROGNAN bring out the bed and away with the sofa space.

A large white piece of furniture with a stow-away bed, storage, a rug and a chair on one side and a grey sofa on the other.

Want a workspace? Then ROGNAN can fix that for you as well.

A large white piece of furniture on one side of a white room, with a grey sofa and white storage built in.

For the perfect small space sofa lounge you just move away the workspace and bed and then you have enough space for the hang out.

The all-in-one solution is built upon the robotics technique from Ori, combined with the storage solution PLATSA. ROGNAN will initially be launched in Hong Kong and Japan during 2020. 

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