IKEA designers Knut and Marianne Hagberg looking at different materials on shelves in the IKEA prototype workshop.

At work with Knut and Marianne Hagberg

In this film, the Red Dot Award-winning designers talk about what inspires their design, walk us through the IKEA prototype workshop and show us the embryo to the Wedge Dowel.

Meet brother-sister design duo Knut and Marianne Hagberg in their home away from home – the IKEA Democratic Design Centre.

The Wedge Dowel was invented by Prototype Engineers, Göran Sjöstedt and Anders Eriksson, in Älmhult and is revolutionising the way customers can assemble and disassemble furniture at IKEA.

The LISABO table series designed by Knut and Marianne, recently awarded a Red Dot Award for high-quality product design, features the Wedge Dowel.

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