Seven white mugs standing on top of each other, with busy patterns inspired by comics and nature.

Stand out from the crowd with STUNSIG

In this film, Creative Leader Henrik Most talks about why IKEA is featuring the work of six exciting designers and artists on everyday IKEA products for the new STUNSIG collection.

“We’ve done this because we know that there is a need and a craving for prints, patterns and colours applied to different products that are more unique, that stand out from the crowd,” says Henrik Most, creative leader for the upcoming collection. “Individuality is in the forefront. People don’t want what their neighbor has. They want something that is different, that has attitude and is contemporary.”

The following designers’ work will be featured in the collection: Pinar&Viola, Team Hawaii, Steve Harrington, Frederique Vernillet, Malcolm Stuart and Tilde Bay. Stay tuned to find out more about them. 

The collection will be launched in June 2017.