A pattern in red and white, depicting a mix of cartoonish figures, plants and items.

Meet the STUNSIG artists – part 1

A collection of basic IKEA products featuring prints, patterns and colours by exciting artists and designers. Creative Leader Henrik Most describes the products he has been developing as ”collectibles” or small art pieces that make a big difference with small means.

Pinar&Viola are a young duo, coming from Istanbul and Amsterdam, currently living in Paris. They call themselves digital couturiers and create highly aesthetic visual narratives that are timeless for their socially relevant conceptual content. They live, reflect and initiate fast changing trends in their practice becoming experts of avant-garde image creation. See an interview with Pinar&Viola at Democratic Design Day in Älmhult here.

Team Hawaii is another duo, this time from Stockholm. Malin Grundström and Anne Gustavsson met whilst studying at Beckmans College of Design. Their illustrations are easily recognisable for their strong sense of humor and visual concepts. Not only contributing to many of Sweden’s largest publications they create wallpaper and other products much appreciated by the interior design crowd.

Not limiting itself to Europe, Los Angeles-based artist and designer Steven Harrington is contributing his psychedelic-pop aesthetic to the STUNSIG collection. His work is inspired by the thriving cultures and diverse landscape of his home state of California. His bright, iconic style has taken the form of large-scale installations made of plaster and stone, hand-screened prints, limited-edition books, skateboards, and sculptures.

Read more about the other artists and designers whose work will be featured in the collection here. The launch date for STUNSIG is June 2017.

Fabric with a print resembling a colourful tile mosaic in white, blue and purple shades.
Print created by Pinar&Viola