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Behind-the-scenes with IKEA and HAY

The YPPERLIG collection, a collaboration between IKEA and the Danish design firm HAY is getting closer. The Swedish and Danish synthesis is almost complete.

Perhaps it’s not just the close proximity to one another, geographically and culturally, but a shared sense of design values that has enabled IKEA and HAY to work so openly and fluently together. For both parties involved, it’s much more than just a one-off collection. It’s an opportunity to learn from one another, to share ideas, techniques and insights.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing the work that goes into developing the collection. Head of Design at IKEA, Marcus Engman, met with Mette and Rolf Hay in their hometown of Copenhagen. We were there eavesdropping on their conversations about design and much more.

A shared sense of design values has enabled IKEA and HAY to work openly and fluently together.

Scandinavian design identity will be explored in this collaboration. The technical manufacturing expertise of IKEA meets the sophisticated chic of HAY, developed from the first ideas and sketches using the Democratic Design process. Making products accessible to the many people – is also a value also shared by HAY.

Three people sitting around a table talking.
Head of Design at IKEA, Marcus Engman, making himself at home with Rolf and Mette Hay.

YPPERLIG is a collection of understated yet contemporary staples. The collection fits seamlessly into the modern home creating spaces that encourage socialising. The focus of the collection is the living room. It comprises of furniture, lighting, textiles and accessories.

We recently interviewed Krister Nilsson, a product developer for the YPPERLIG collection, who said: “they were aiming for thirty-five pieces but no-one wanted to take anything away, so now it’s up around sixty-five.” Krister and his colleague at IKEA, Ricky Ericsson, have both been part of teams developing IKEA classics such as PAX, KLIPPAN and POÄNG. No doubt there will be some future IKEA classics in the YPPERLIG collection. You surely haven’t missed that IKEA has given HAY the freedom to reinvent signature IKEA products, such as the iconic FRAKTA bag. Stay tuned.

Estimated launch of YPPERLIG is October 2017.

Man standing by a black screen outdoors, with a TV crew filming him.
On set with Rolf Hay.