A person carrying a green FRAKTA bag in the street.


Mette Hay is strolling through Copenhagen, rounding corners and passing stores. In her hand is the iconic FRAKTA bag, however with a whole new color scheme, a splash of HAY.

After the second meeting between IKEA and HAY, Mette had an intuition – she wanted to come with a HAY interpretation of the IKEA bag, FRAKTA.

With a chuckle, Mette expresses her apprehensiveness before announing the idea for Head of Design, Marcus Engman: “I was so nervous asking you – we wanted to keep the exact same size as your bag, the material, the handle. The only thing we wanted to change was the colours.”

“This bag is very much IKEA, and I think that the interpretation you have done it is also very much HAY,” says Marcus Engman, Head of Design at IKEA.

“I will call you the first day I see someone in the street with the bag, I promise!” says Mette.

Estimated launch of YPPERLIG is October 2017.