A FÖRNYAD soft toy in the shape of a black egg with arms, legs and one big eye with one part of a brown eye glass frame.

Celebrate student life with FÖRNYAD

Fun and fashion infuse every item in FÖRNYAD collection – a celebration of student (and work) life that’s the result of IKEA teaming up with colette founder Sarah Andelman and Craig Redman, known for his egg-shaped alter-ego Darcel Disappoints.

FÖRNYAD may have been designed with students in mind, but age doesn’t come into it. The stationaries, note books, desk lighting, stool, pedal bin, rug, plus more that make up FÖRNYAD are for everyone who wants to add some fun to everyday life. Pattern play, unexpected colours and sizes, and a few quirky surprises get the job done. And as the name of the collection implies (FÖRNYAD=renewed), here are some new takes on old darlings like the LACK and FRAKTA, not to mention a new sofa cover for KLIPPAN.

The duo Sarah Andelman and Craig Redman have been collaborating for nearly a decade, with Sarah being founder and former Creative Director of Parisian fashion concept store colette and Craig the creator of Darcel Disappoints, a colourful character who observes city life in New York on his blog.

A table lamp with a brown patterned base, a blue arm, a white shade and a yellow cord.

FÖRNYAD worklamp.

Three pedal bins and a sofa with the same colourful flower pattern plus a round trolley, inside and around two display boxes.


FÖRNYAD focuses on core elements from both, that is the colette blue and accompanying dots, and Darcel’s black egg shape and cycloptic eye.

“In addition, we’ve developed a new pattern called “Tuileries”, celebrating the Parisian park, where we’ve mixed graphics of park life with the colette blue dots and Darcel iconography”, says Henrik Most, Creative Leader.

FÖRNYAD collection will be available for a limited time starting in 2019.

Sarah Andelman
Craig Redman

Creative Leader:
Henrik Most

About Sarah Andelman

Sarah Andelman, Creative Director “Just an Idea”. Former owner of the influential Parisian boutique colette that closed in December 2017 after 20 years in business. Sarah is a pioneer in creating lifestyle retail experiences and has collaborated with brands such as Chanel, Hermes, Nike, and Adidas.

About Craig Redman

Born in Australia, Graphic Designer Craig Redman resides in New York, US. He is the co-owner of design studio Craig & Karl, with Google, Nike, Apple, Vogue, and many more on the client list. Darcel Disappoints, and the illustrated blog darceldisappoint.com, is Craig’s solo project sprung from his observations of city life when he first moved to New York.