Hands working with drawings, a mockup of a design and a white plastic box with compartments at a wooden table.

Check out the invisible design of OSYNLIG

Scents that add a fresh whiff to home furnishing lie at the heart of the upcoming OSYNLIG collection – a collaboration between IKEA and Ben Gorham. Be one of the first to try them out at Democratic Design Day.

At some point most of us have experienced the impact of scent. It only takes a specific smell, often near impossible to put into words, and we’re instantly moved back in time to playing in our grandparents’ attic or to early morning walks to school. A smell can bring on a flood of memories and influence our mood – and even affect our work performance.

When the collaboration with IKEA was revealed last year Ben Gorham, founder of Swedish perfume house Byredo, spoke of the importance of smell:

“It’s a very relevant part of the home, that creates a sense of comfort and security”, he said at the time.

Two women working on a black cardboard mockup at a wooden table.

Students from RCA.

A pair of hands lifting a black cardboard mockup from a wooden table with various other items.

Always having been fascinated by the possibilities tied to smell, a coincidental meeting with a perfumer led the Art School graduate Ben to get into the scent business. This was 10 years ago – since then he and Byredo has become an influential part of making the world a more fragrant place.

During this year’s Democratic Design Day, the scents that are the backbone of the new OSYNLIG collection will be uncovered. For the launch in 2020, the scents will be materialized and used in different formats. The design team is right in the middle of the hectic development process.

“Something as non-physical as a fragrance needs a tactile context”, says Iina Vuorivirta, Designer at IKEA.

“This is a new process for all of us, with the IKEA world of physical products meeting Ben’s vision of scent, and it’s super exciting”, she concludes.

OSYNLIG collection will be available for a limited time starting in 2020.

Ben Gorham
Iina Vuorivirta