Speakers and lights in black, red and yellow displayed on a black surface.

Get the party started with FREKVENS

Time to get this party started! After an exciting design journey, IKEA and teenage engineering are getting ready to present the loud and alight result of their collaboration – FREKVENS, a portable music collection perfect for spontaneous sprees.

Careful planning is all well and good, but improvisation is underestimated. Thanks to the FREKVENS speakers and light system, you can get your next party together in no time – and throw it just about anywhere you like. Add a few other essentials, like a raincoat or tableware in stainless steel (or another of the items that supplement the sound and light-foundation of FREKVENS), and the bash is in the bag. “We look forward to introducing FREKVENS to people around the world. It’s a playful collection that you easily scale up or down to suit your needs. Apart from looking super nice, it sounds great – so it’s definitely the perfect reason to throw a party” says Michael Nikolic, Creative Leader for the collection.

A man adjusting the lights on a black speaker with built-in lights; a spiral cord hangs from the back.

Jesper Kouthoofd checking the lights.

A man sitting at a table sketching a design, with some light bulbs and various other items in front of him.

Sketching FREKVENS.

It’s the Stockholm-based audio tech company teenage engineering that’s collaborated with IKEA to make the party come true. The creative collective is made up of designers, engineers and computer programmers that share the love for design, for building stuff and making music. Their mission is simple – to create the things they think are missing in the world. Jesper Kouthoofd is one of the founders: “We’ve wanted to make something that feels like IKEA, and at the same time challenge how we perceive them today. It’s exciting to explore new territories, push the boundaries and challenge each other. IKEA is furniture, meatballs and soon… Party!” FREKVENS is one of several new collections and collaborations exploring the world of sound and music. While being an untrodden area for IKEA and marking the beginning of a journey, it’s also a natural move forward. Similar to light, sound is a mood and atmosphere booster that plays a crucial part in improving people’s life at home. And that’s what we’re all about.   FREKVENS will be available for a limited time starting in 2020. The collection, that’s recently received a Red Dot Award: Product Design, consists of Bluetooth® enabled sound- and light products complimented by a range of items that make it even easier to throw an impromptu party.

Designer, sound and light: teenage engineering Designer, furniture and accessories: Nicholai Wiig Hansen Jon Karlsson Maria Vinka Ida Pettersson Hanna Crondahl Creative Leader: Michael Nikolic