A rounded glass case with a metal base, with small seedlings growing inside.

Make space for RUMTID

IKEA takes the notion of space seriously. So seriously, in fact, that last year they sent a team to Mars Desert Research Station in Utah. But IKEA is not on a mission to furnish outer space (not yet, anyway). Instead the aim is to explore the future needs of urban, small space living. The first results of the endeavor will launch in 2020 and include great ideas like an all new lightweight material, and air purifiers.

The RUMTID collection, or rather collections since it’s recently been divided into four smaller lots, is inspired by the extremes that come with going to space.

“We want to learn from extreme scenarios and connect them back to Earth, focusing on urbanization and small space living”, says Siri Skillgate, one of five designers involved.

Except to outer space, the journey has taken the team to Tokyo where they stayed in capsule hotels and experienced urban small space living first hand. The learnings have been an invaluable part of the development of the collection.

“In Tokyo, there’s a literal built-in thinking around small space living that allows for modularity and mobility. We felt really inspired by all of the interesting solutions in people’s homes and at the capsule hotels – in particularly when it comes to storage”, says Siri.

Wooden rods and metal fittings on top of some bubble wrap on a black surface.

RUMTID connecting parts.

A clear liquid inside a plastic bag with a white screw cap, on top of a box-shaped wooden frame with metal corners.

RUMTID shelf.

The four upcoming RUMTID launches will be based on the concepts of Time, Small space, Water, and Air respectively. Among the news is a lightweight material made of veneer rolled into hollow tubes, developed by the IKEA team.

“By cutting the tubes into different lengths and clamping them together we can build just about anything, be it sofas, wardrobes, beds, or something else completely”, says Creative Leader Michael Nikolic.

The new material and the building method aren’t only flexible and therefore perfect for small space living. Since the production process leads to next to no waste, it’s also great from a sustainability perspective.

“This is a high-tech, efficient way of using our natural resources”, says Michael.

RUMTID offers many more exciting product news, not least from an environmental point of view (or how about two air purifiers and functional textiles cleaning the air). The first launch is planned for 2020, so for now we all just have to stand the suspense.

RUMTID collection will be divided into four different launches and will be available for a limited time starting in 2020.

A small, a medium-sized and a large air purifier in red, white and green, beside and on top of black display boxes.
RUMTID air purifiers.

Siri Skillgate
Elea Nouraud
Jon Karlsson
Philipp Süssmann
Jingbei Zheng
Robert Janson
Pauline Matika

Creative Leader:
Michael Nikolic