A grey textile bag with yellow and blue stripes and long and short handles, on a black box inside a black display box.

The modern rituals of ÖVERALLT

When ten designers from seven countries across Africa meet five IKEA designers, it’s for a collaboration across disciplines as well as continents. Modern urban rituals are the common starting point, and the result is ÖVERALLT collection – fun, inclusive, and expressive.

Inspired by the modern urban rituals that are common across all cultures – the things we do and use every day to feel at home – ÖVERALLT ranges from tableware and seating to textiles. The participating designers come from the fields of fashion, sculpture, architecture, and furniture design and have been paired with IKEA designers to create the collection.

“It goes without saying that it’s inspiring to come together from across the globe to create innovative solutions. But that’s not all. This collaboration opens up new avenues for everyone involved, and it creates a new voice for our continent”, says Laduma Ngxokolo, award-winning South African fashion designer.

He describes the design process as “systematic but very inspired – in a highly creative environment.” Together with Mikael Axelsson from IKEA, Laduma has designed a rug that’s just as much of an art piece.

“It’s inspired by where I come from, and by the journeys I’ve made. I hope it will bring comfort and pride to people”, he says.

A wooden stool on top of a black display box, with a curved wooden bench underneath.

ÖVERALLT bench and table for a social setting.

A multicoloured blanket inside a black basket on a black display box.


Another of the all new ÖVERALLT products is a basket inspired by modern hair braiding rituals, made by Senegalese fashion designer and artist Selly Raby Kane in collab with IKEA-designer Iina Vuorivirta.

“Braiding is this shared moment, when your head either ends up on a family member’s lap for hours and hours or you lean back in a chair in a cool salon, listening to the latest Dakar and foreign pop while keeping an eye on your hairstyle in the making”, says Selly.

“Braiding techniques are fascinating, and the braiding itself stands for creativity, power, art, sometimes even a coded language.

All Selly’s work is characterized by a large dose of playfulness and humour, and the ÖVERALLT basket is no exception.

“I try to do designs that are functional but that still express my personality. It’s tricky, but it’s how I work.”

ÖVERALLT collection will be available for a limited time starting in May 2019.

Issa Diabaté (Ivory Coast)
Hend Riad and Mariam Hazem (Egypt)
Laduma Ngxokolo (South Africa)
Bethan Rayner and Naeem Biviji (Kenya)
Sindiso Khumalo (South Africa)
Renee Rossouw (South Africa)
Bibi Seck (Senegal)
Selly Raby Kane (Senegal)

Kevin Gouriou (France)
Iina Vuorivirta (Finland)
Hanna Dalrot (Sweden)
Johanna Jelenik (Sweden)
Mikael Axelsson (Sweden)

Creative Leader:
James Futcher