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IKEA is back at Design Indaba

Two years ago, IKEA started its journey together with ten African designers from different backgrounds and disciplines to collaborate. This week, the finished results of the ÖVERALLT collection are being pre-launched at the Design Indaba Festival – the same exact spot where it all came to life two years ago

“I cannot believe it’s finally all here. When we started this journey, I was pregnant!” textile designer Sindiso Khumalo smiles and looks down at her polka dotted dress sans the baby bump.

The collection, featuring larger pieces of furniture, tableware, textiles, and a fashionably sustainable tote bag amongst others, is displayed within containers, having many festival visitors curious for more. “I’m such a big fan,” a viewer exclaims. “You can really see the African aesthetic throughout many of the pieces coming together with the Scandinavian minimalism.”

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Let’s get this show started

Finally, it’s time for the pre-launch event to get started. To kick it all off, Stockholm based artists Noad, Jamkid and Fiidow have everyone swaying and nodding to the beat. Ravi Naidoo, the founder of Indaba takes the stage: “Africa is now. Our time has come.” Together with IKEA Creative Leader James Futcher, he introduces the back story of the collection and the journey the team has taken; from conversations around rituals and the precious space between the indoors and outdoors, to the concept of democratic design. All the designers join them on stage.

“An object has the power to tell a story, or make sense of the world,” artist and designer, Renée Rossouw says as she holds up the colourful, soft quilt that her, Sindiso and IKEA Designer, Johanna Jelinek have created. Fashion connoisseur, Laduma Ngxokolo speaks passionately about how grateful he is for this opportunity to bring his patterns to more people around the world. Female power duo behind Reform Studio, Mariam and Hend introduce their mission of upcycling, and always designing for a cause while their shimmery ÖVERALLT tote bags glisten out towards the audience.

Day one at the festival is coming to an end, but the festivities are far from over. Time to toast to innovation, design and collaboration. Time to celebrate the final collection of ÖVERALLT. For even more, tag along with us on Instagram!

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