A table, cushions, a lamp and rug from the SAMMANKOPPLA collection, displayed in a dark IKEA warehouse with empty shelves.

IKEA and Greyhound Original Bangkok to explore small space living and multi-functionality

In our latest exploration we went to Thailand where we, together with Greyhound Original Bangkok, wanted to explore small space living and multi-functionality with an open, problem-solving mindset. The result is a collection influenced by Asia.

At IKEA, the curiosity about other cultures and perspectives on life at home has led us to explore how we can make the everyday life better. Small spaces, tight budgets but still with a wish to express yourself through unique objects and expressive design is a common challenge all over the world. This time we went to Asia, where recycling, reusing, and creative re-purposing is a new awareness to make consciousness a part of the everyday life. The result is SAMMANKOPPLA that translates to ‘interconnect’ or ‘unify’ where the products is a design statement, just as a mind-set.

Follow the story of SAMMANKOPPLA during the summer 2019.

FACTBOX: The SAMMANKOPPLA collection will be in-store from 2020.