Folded polyester fabric and a textile bag from the multicoloured, patterned MUSSELBLOMMA collection, displayed on a cube.

IKEA to use ocean plastic in new products MUSSELBLOMMA

This autumn MUSSELBLOMMA will hit IKEA stores in Italy and Spain. The collection is made of recycled plastic, partly collected by Spanish fishermen in the Mediterranean Sea.

IKEA wants to have a positive impact on the oceans, engage in projects to clean plastic pollutants from oceans and proactively prevent ocean plastic pollution. MUSSELBLOMMA is one step for IKEA to use ocean plastic in products and turning that into a raw material for the future. The polyester fabric used in MUSSELBLOMMA is made from recycled plastic, including PET plastic waste caught in nets in the Mediterranean Sea and collected by Spanish fishermen. After the collection the plastic is aggregated in containers onshore in ports, and is then cleaned, sorted, mechanically recycled and together with recycled PET bottles made into yarn and fabric. For every kilo of PET plastic waste that can be used to make the polyester fabric another 9 kilo of waste like other plastics, metal, rubber, glass and other materials is also taken out of the ocean.

This is a first step on the journey of using ocean plastic in products and IKEA is currently exploring different projects around the world to scale up this work, in collaboration with NGOs, partners and suppliers. Ocean plastic pollution is a huge environmental problem and IKEA is determined to contribute to its solution in a positive and proactive way.

More information about MUSSELBLOMMA will follow during the summer 2019.