IKEA designer Sarah Fager is smiling while looking at her husband Jens Fager while he is drawing.

Designers with eyes for an easier everyday life

It’s all about function. Designer colleagues and married couple Sarah and Jens Fager don’t hesitate when asked what characterizes their work. For the upcoming VÄRMER collection the couple got a chance to work together, creating products for a more relaxed, personal – and functional – holiday season.

“There must always be a good reason why I design something, and all I do must be made to last. We have that same philosophy when it comes to our own home. The things we bring in are there to stay”, says Sarah Fager.

Jens agrees:

“If a product has a natural purpose, a work to do, I think it naturally lasts for a very long time”, he says.

A man looks on as a woman makes a drawing of a lamp on a table.

Function isn’t only what characterizes the couple’s own designs – it’s also an important source of inspiration.

“I’m inspired by daily life, by the way the kids carry the plates when they set the table or how Sarah opens a cupboard door – details like that”, Jens says.

“I’m exactly the same. It’s all about function, and how the design can solve things in everyday life”, says Sarah and adds:

“Then again, of course the form is an important factor. If I haven’t delivered on that, I haven’t done a good job.”

Technical drawings, notebooks, bowls, a mug and a measuring tape on a wooden tabletop.

A small girl making a drawing of a candle holder on a wooden table.

For VÄRMER, Sarah and Jens have partnered up not only with each other but with their kids. Doing things together isn’t just a key to this holiday season collection, it’s the everyday way of the Fager family. The philosophy manifests in products such as the aluminium candlestick that was originally made in clay – by the children.

Overall, the Fagers describe their part of VÄRMER collection (the other part is made by the Kenyan designer couple Bethan Rayner and Naeem Baviji) as very personal.

“It’s been super important to get a good result. We’ve worked hard – every product is something we would like to take home ourselves.”

A girl making a clay pot on a wooden table, with drawings and a candle in front of her.

Sarah and Jens Fager

– Lives in the south of Sweden

– Three children: 8, 7 and 3 years old

– Sarah is an inhouse designer at IKEA of Sweden

– Jens is running the design studio Jens Fager AB and is the founder of NOUIE

– Together with Kenyan designer couple Bethan Rayner and Naeem Biviji they’ve created VÄRMER, a collection for the holiday season that launches in October 2019