Portrait of Zandra Rhodes against a yellow and white striped wall.

The search for local patterns and colours

How can colourful patterns from across the globe be used in our homes? Together with iconic designer Zandra Rhodes, IKEA will explore the power of local patterns and colours to give homes an injection of character and fun.

Sometimes referred to as “Princess of Punk”, Zandra Rhodes became one of the leading figures of the New Wave of London’s influential fashion and design scene in the 1970s. Starting her career as a textile designer – pattern, colours and print have since then been synonymous for Zandra’s work.

Zandra Rhodes has designed clothes for legends such as Princess Diana and Freddie Mercury and has travelled the world for inspiration. Everything from Ukrainian chevron stripes, symbols from indigenous populations of North America to Japanese flowers, calligraphy and shells have been incorporated into her unique creations.

Portrait of designer Zandra Rhodes.

IKEA and Zandra Rhodes has started their joint creative journey to find out how colourful fashion prints, inspired by local pattern cultures from across the globe, can be used in our homes.

“I’m thrilled and excited about this collaboration and can’t wait to get my teeth into it and see how my design can be used for homeware products. It’s a fabulous opportunity to be able to reach even more people with my art together with IKEA”, says Zandra.

The collaboration aims at coming up with new products that can reflect people’s different personalities and different requests for how they want a home to be. Colour and patterns have the unique possibility to change the feeling, atmosphere and even perceived temperature and emotion in a home. It adds energy and personality.

“We are curious about how to create a genuine home feeling. We don’t believe in ‘perfect’ homes but personal homes. With the wonderful legacy of Zandra Rhodes and her ultra-creativity, we believe we will learn a lot about the topic we have set out to explore together”, says Nils Larson, Creative Leader at IKEA.

Zandra Rhodes speaking and gesticulating.

The Rainbow Penthouse in London is Zandra’s creative base. It is here where she combines impressions from across the world with her great skills in handicraft and her delicate sense of materiality, creating her bold fashion patterns with unique colourways.

“There will be a lot of trials and errors in this process. And the thing about design is that you have to do it wrong before you do it right. And then, if you’re lucky, the rest of the world will follow and like it”, says Zandra Rhodes.

You will be able to follow the collaboration With Zandra on this blog. Stay tuned!