A two-image collage with Paulin Machado, designer at IKEA and a fabric from LJUVARE collection.

A welcome return in earthy colours

Paulin Machado, designer at IKEA, listened to the customers wishes for a subtle palette to complement the golden trays and cake-stands. Meet LJUVARE, a Middle Eastern collection for celebration and cozy family get togethers, inspired by hot days and cold starry desert nights.

In collaboration with Lebanese designer Nada Debs, IKEA created the contemporary Middle Eastern collection LJUV. Next year’s LJUVARE — which means more delightful in Swedish —will be a collection based on customers want. IKEA designer Paulin Machado has been working closely together with colleagues in IKEA stores to build on the strengths from the previous collection, but also include customers’ wishes. For those familiar with LJUV, LJUVARE will be both a welcome return and a new look with more earthy and rich colours. 

“The LJUVARE collection is about celebration and enjoying each other’s company. While right now we are limiting our social gatherings due to the pandemic, I have this picture in my head of a calm and cozy setting where you eat and enjoy the company of friends and family,” says Paulin. 

The angle of a sofa cushion in brick red and white flowers with beige details.

The angle of a cushion with a classic beige and brown, fairly small pattern.

Both collections are inspired by geometrical patterns and Middle Eastern architecture, and for LJUVARE, Paulin added more earthy tones and a richer palette. The inspiration comes from the desert. 

“The desert, the sand, the different stones — all very warm colours. Then, the contrast when the temperature can drop quite a lot from hot days to cold starry nights.” 

One result of this inspiration is the ceramics with a subtle embossed pattern that can be seen best from the light and shadows it casts on the surface.   

 “I think that our customers had been asking for products that were more reserved, that work better together with products like the golden trays. I also like the cushion covers with golden embroidery, because it’s a bit different from what we usually offerI think we have many customers who love the look of shining gold which people don’t typically associate with Scandinavian design. Let’s see if our customers will like what we have made!” 

LJUVARE will be in selected stores, February 2021.