A woman in a white shirt standing at a desk looking at a sketch she's holding in her hand.

IKEA and Spotify to liven up the home and beyond

Few things brighten up a space quite like music and light. With VAPPEBY, IKEA and Spotify bring that and more to the table in and outside the home. Stjepan and Sarah at IKEA tell us just how the first outdoor IKEA Bluetooth speaker lamp came to be, while Nils at Spotify breaks down the added Spotify Tap function.

Most people enjoy at least the occasional outdoor social gathering. Whether it’s a sit-down dinner, fresh air activity, or full-on garden party, there tend to be many moving parts and people to it – and space for a centrepiece of music and light to set the mood.

”We always work to cover needs in all rooms at home, and the outdoor of the home was a ’room’ we still needed to fill”, says Stjepan Begic, Product owner at IKEA working with sound products. ”Being curious about how our speakers play into everyday life, we found that our customers wanted them to not only work outside as well, but also create a feeling of cosiness, campfire, and entertainment”.

A man in a black sweater holding a speaker in his hand
Stjepan Begic, Product owner.

The making of a character

Insights and learnings from life at home fuelled the brainstorming sessions for VAPPEBY, in which a few main points soon fell into place.

Two hands seen from above sketching in a notebook

Sarah Fager sketching on the VAPPEBY outdoor speaker.

A woman in a white shirt standing with sketches in her hand

Sarah Fager with VAPPEBY sketches in her hand.

An IKEA speaker lamp with a Spotify feature

Two hands holding a speaker and a finger pointing at one of the buttons on the speaker
The power button doubles as a Spotify Tap button.
A portrait of a man in a black shirt.
Stjepan Begic.

Spotify Tap came halfway into the development of VAPPEBY, but integrating it wasn’t much of an issue. It’s an added perk for Spotify users, but won’t affect the listening experience for anyone without an account.

”It was a perfect match. Imagine how great it is to get another suggestion through a simple press of a button at a party or gathering”, says Stjepan. When asked to elaborate, he smiles in a moment of recognition. ”It removes the pressure to be a DJ or the risk of somebody having to dive into their phone to change the music, only to get stuck on some text message and disappear from the moment.”

Sketches of the IKEA VAPPEBY speaker

Sarah's sketches of VAPPEBY.

Portrait of a woman in a white shirt.

Sarah Fager, IKEA designer.

Where will you be taking your VAPPEBY?

”Exactly where I imagined it when I first started drawing it: our backyard. From daytime disco for the kids as they bounce away on the trampoline through to the cosy evenings for us adults”, says Sarah.

”I think VAPPEBY will be with me all the time in and out of the home”, says Nils. ”I like the feeling of listening to music out loud, and I do have an extensive sound system at home. But it’s too much for some occasions, too powerful. And when I wear headphones, I shut out the world in a way I don’t really enjoy. VAPPEBY is the product that fills the gap in between the two experiences.”

”We have a summer house where we spend a lot of time on the terrace in the evenings. It’s not a place for plugging things in or playing very loud music, but it’s perfect for soft light and music to set the mood for a good while”, says Stjepan.

And with a battery life that lasts 12 hours with the light on, VAPPEBY is perfect for the occasion.

VAPPEBY outdoor speaker lamp will be available in most IKEA markets from April 2022.