A single surfer catches an evening wave. Nearby, two other surfers are sitting on their boards waiting for a wave.

IKEA and World Surf League riding the waves with KÅSEBERGA

If we all were a bit more like surfers, would we take better care of the worlds oceans? That was the starting point for the collaboration between IKEA and World Surf League. The upcoming collection KÅSEBERGA wants to help people live in sync with the nature and choose renewable and recycled materials. 

IKEA has teamed up with the World Surf League to better understand the everyday life of people living in sync with the ocean. No sport relies on open waters as much as surfing, and therefore protecting it comes naturally. Established in 1976, World Surf League is the leading sports organisation for surfers and is dedicated to positively impacting the world.

“IKEA knows how to make lives better at home. At the same time, surfers are also concerned with this planet that we all call home. Surfers have an inherent connection to nature, so who better for IKEA to partner with than World Surf League? Though a collaboration may seem like an unlikely pairing, it actually makes a lot of sense”, says James Futcher, Range Development Leader at IKEA.

The aim is to inspire people to join the movement of choosing a more sustainable life. Or, as surfer Kassia Meador simply puts it: high vibes and low impact.


Together with former pro surfers Rob Machado, Kassia Meador, and more than 3,500 other surfers, IKEA has created the KÅSEBERGA collection that address everyday needs of surfers and global challenges of our planet.


Today, there are 370 million people across the world interested in surfing and more than 40 million active surfers. And since the sport, quite naturally, takes place in open waters, surfers are generally passionate about tackling environmental challenges such as reducing plastic pollution in the oceans.


Meet the designers

To ensure the collection addressed real needs of real surfers and ocean lovers, IKEA brought renowned surfers Kassia Meador and Rob Machado into the heart of the design process. Consisting of 25 unique items, the collection addresses the needs and wants of a healthy, sustainable, and mobile everyday life – in and around water. The products are designed for people who embrace the surfer’s mindset, regardless of whether they ride waves or not.

A film of a woman in a wet suite surfing
A black and white portrait of a woman in a black shirt.
IKEA designer Wibke Braach.
A portrait of a woman on a beach holding a surf board.
Surfer Kassia Meador.
A man in a red and black checkered shirt sitting in the back of a van
Surfer Rob Machado.
A black and white portrait of a man in a black shirt.
IKEA designer Mikael Axelsson.

The KÅSEBERGA Collection

A person sitting on a wall with a bag hanging from the feets.
A surfer in a wet suite standing at the beach holding a hand pane
The KÅSEBERGA handplane for body surfing.
A woman pouring a glass of water from a carafe at the beach.

The KÅSEBERGA collection will be available in IKEA stores from May 2022.