Three black bag standing next to each other on a table.

Making FRAKTA to the beat of IKEA and Swedish House Mafia

Together with Swedish House Mafia, IKEA is exploring ways to make it easier for music creatives to tap into their potential in the comfort of their own homes. We talked to IKEA designer Friso Wiersma about how the upcoming collection is being designed to carry more than a beat – not least in its take on a true IKEA icon.

Music has always been a big part of IKEA designer Friso Wiersma’s life. His childhood and adolescence in the Netherlands were marked by stints in school and church choirs, as well as fronting punk rock and pop bands with vocals – the latter of which he still does today.

“It’s a very direct way of being creative, different from design. You sing and it’s there, in the moment. I enjoy that a lot”, he says.

Music is a very direct way of being creative, different from design.

A black and white portrait of a man.
IKEA designer Friso Wiersma.
A black and white photo of a man sitting in a black leather sofa with a black bag in his lap

The focus on music production comes paired with a focus on the very physical aspects of music. One of those aspects pertain to making, creating, and sharing music on the go – for DJs going from their home studio to a gig or music lovers gearing up to share some of their favourite records. And what better way to tackle this aspect than with FRAKTA?

A load of music on the go

“It had been a dream for the guys to make a FRAKTA, but they wanted to add something more to it.”, says Friso. “Talking about functionality and how they would use it in their daily life, it became clear that we wanted to solve different problems – and that we couldn’t do it all in just one bag style.”

A black and white sketch of a black bag.
A sketch and a prototype of one of the accessory bag.
A small open black bag lying on a table.
Bringing records out to a set, carrying a clutter of cables, lugging your laptop around. When brainstorming for FRAKTA, Swedish House Mafia brought and shared years of experience of making and touring with music to the table.
A black and white sketch of a bag.
A sketch and a prototype of the shoulder bag.
A person in black clothes wearing a black shoulder bag.
A black and white photo of two hand with tattoos holding a black bag.
The shoulder bag.
A black and white photo of two hand with tattoos holding a black bag.
The accessory bag.
A blue bag with yellow zippers standing on the floor.
Prototypes of the FRAKTA bag that can hold vinyl records.
A black bag standing on a stool.

“When it’s zipped up, you have quite a small bag that can fit a laptop and just a few things, but when you open it up on the sides you suddenly have a lot of storage possibilities. In the first place it’s meant for vinyl, and for DJs that bring them to concerts or people that bring them to friends’ places to play”, says Friso. “The nice thing about FRAKTA is that it’s already proven how strong it is. But I wanted the handle to be a bit sturdier, so the ribbon has a thicker weave, like a car seatbelt”, he explains.

A black and white photo of two hand with tattoos holding a black bag.
The FRAKTA bag for records.

Which bag do you think you’ll be using most? 
“I actually use the square bag already, for firewood. It fits perfectly there!” Friso grins. 

This is the first collaboration you’ve worked on at IKEA. What’s it been like?
“The topic of making music at home was a new world to many of us at IKEA, so it’s been challenging and a lot of learning”, says Friso. “But it’s so nice to work with people like the guys in Swedish House Mafia. They have a strong creative vision in everything that they do, and they’re people who, in a good way, want to have control over every small little detail. As a designer, I’m the same. I’m meticulous, I love solving and thinking about even the smallest little stitch in a bag. It’s been a really good match in that sense.”

The collaboration between IKEA and Swedish House Mafia is set to launch in Fall 2022.