Two women on a scaffold painting a wall with vibrant colours and patterns.

IKEA collection ÖMSESIDIG captures the art of celebration in print

Garlands, lampshades, and bold prints are among the festive results when nine creatives from Chile, Colombia, and Mexico join IKEA for ÖMSESIDIG, a collaboration set to make way for celebration. Artists and ÖMSESIDIG designers Diana Ordóñez and Trini Guzmán share the stories behind some of their colourful contributions to the collection.

To many, any mention of Latin America is bound to bring vivid colours to mind. Perhaps it’s the vast region’s variety of natural vistas and bright traditional arts and crafts. Or an architectural colour palette in parts owed to an ancient design hack to minimise the glare of limestone buildings in the sun. Then there is, of course, the people and festivities that celebrate it all with a side – or centrepiece – of music, dance, and food.

Among some of this colourful imagery, Colombian artist and muralist Diana Ordóñez finds inspiration for her vibrant work, which graces walls across the world as well as her own merchandise. And come April, it will also be printed on products in ÖMSESIDIG, an upcoming IKEA collection for which nine creatives from Latin America share their unique takes on celebration.

“I’m from Bogotá, but I had the opportunity to make a lot of trips outside of it, to the rural areas, growing up”, says Diana, lighting up as she recounts the experience.

“I got to explore not just the environment and nature, but also many celebrations and events of different microcultures. I feel very connected to them, and I think that gives me a different sensibility to a person that might’ve stayed in the concrete jungle of a city their whole life”.

A woman in a black dress and big tattoos standing next to a wall with mural paintings.
Artist and muralist Diana Ordóñez in front of her part of an ÖMSESIDIG mural in progress at the IKEA Festival in Milano in June 2022.

Taking a colourful celebration from Colombia to print with IKEA

A SYMFONISK picture frame Wi-Fi speaker with a colourful panel hanging on a wall.
Diana Ordóñez’ print on an ÖMSESIDIG cover for the SYMFONISK picture frame Wi-Fi speaker is inspired by Colombian culture and the colourful masks of carnival.

In turn, Diana’s ÖMSESIDIG mask print – which graces a cover for the SYMFONISK picture frame Wi-Fi speaker – is an interpretation itself, but of characters found in her home country.

A close look at the design will reveal takes on some of Colombia’s rich flora and fauna in the details, the orchid among them. Meanwhile, the colourways make for a more abstract nod to the different natural landscapes that the country has to offer.

“We’re on the equator where biodiversity is enormous. We have different waters, we have islands, we have the Amazon jungle. We have all the thermic grounds, from deserts to snowy mountain tops”, Diana explains. “My work for this collection is also a celebration of that diversity.”

A portrait of a woman in a black dress, purple dyed hair and tattoos on her arms.
Diana Ordóñez.

I really love to use colours in all my art, to make people feel like they are also at a carnival with me.

Celebrating family, home, and self

Whether grand odes to culture and heritage or simply gathering some of your favourite people because you can, a celebration is a happy occasion, nonetheless. To multi-disciplinary artist and muralist Trini Guzmán from Chile, the latter kind is one she’s learned to treasure even more today.

“Reflecting on celebrations in the middle of the pandemic was super profound to me. It made me think of everything I missed, things I’ve taken for granted and looked forward to doing again. Like inviting people to my home, and what it really means to do so”, she shares.

Trini’s home in Santiago, Chile holds a part of her heart. Sharing it with others for a celebration means opening her heart to them too. It’s in the colour of the walls, the furniture and objects thoughtfully picked out – all deeply connected to who she is, each reading like a passage of her story. A story with another protagonist alongside herself.

“My new stage as a mother has been really transformative and it has changed our dynamics for celebration too. We don’t only invite people home – we also invite them to celebrate with us in the park!” Trini says.

A woman in sun glasses standing in front of a colourful painting on a wall.
Multi-disciplinary artist and muralist Trini Guzmán.

A warm smile spreads across her face as she recounts a memory with her now five-year-old daughter.

“The last time we went to the park to celebrate my daughter, we took all these meaningful decorations with us to make it nicer. With care and love, we made that piece of the park a part of us to share with the people we invited. That’s been an important point for me in the creation for ÖMSESIDIG. What objects can we make part of us that we can also bring with us to make a space feel like ours?”

The colourful, customizable ÖMSESIDIG garland forms part of the answer.

A woman putting up a colourful garland on a wall next to a window.

Encouraging creativity across generations by design

Sketches of a garland and embroidery.
Some of Trini Guzmán's early concepts for ÖMSESIDIG explored the celebration of creativity. Guided by IKEA designer Akanksha Deo, the ideas developed into the ÖMSESIDIG garland, among other products.
Two colourful fronts for the SYMFONISK picture frame Wi-Fi speaker.
Nature and animals have always been close to heart for Trini Guzmán, which is reflected in her art. Her ÖMSESIDIG covers for the SYMFONISK picture frame Wi-Fi speaker feature some of her signature design elements: botanical shapes and animal prints.

Working on ÖMSESIDIG offered not only a chance to explore the concept of celebrating creativity, but also an opportunity to do so at a distance.

“It’s been great and fun to work with the whole team at IKEA. They really helped give our ideas purpose and shape. I learned so much from it”, Trini says. She adds with enthusiasm:

“One of the things I’ve enjoyed the most about working with this collection and team overall was realising that we are all so alike despite our differences. There’s a spirit that unites us, and it’s really nice that the collection shares something about that unity. About how we can all create and enjoy some of the same things – and celebrate that”.

The ÖMSESIDIG collection will be launched in April 2023.