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No IKEA store where you are? We are here to help.

At IKEA we want to put well-designed, affordable home furnishing within reach of as many people as possible, and that includes people in countries without IKEA stores. From a craft coffee shop in New Zealand to your house in South Africa, our International Sales Department can help you furnish your business or your bedroom.

Order from our International Sales Department in 7 steps

  1. Eligibility
  2. Inspiration
  3. Shopping list
  4. Quote and timeline
  5. Customer form
  6. Confirmation and payment
  7. Enjoy!

How to buy IKEA products from a different country

Ordering IKEA furniture from abroad is not only easy, but also really safe, since we take full responsibility for the international delivery. Our International Sales Department in Delft, the Netherlands helps to furnish apartments, hotels, offices, schools, restaurants and houses all over the world. Whether you are in Colombia, Argentina or Algeria, we do our best to meet your bulk quantity needs. Follow the steps below or contact us to see if we can find solutions for you.

1. Check your eligibility

Please note: The global shipping crisis is still affecting stock availability in many IKEA countries. We only offer international shipping to countries with no IKEA stores. If you live in a country where the IKEA business operates, please check your local ikea.com for information and updates about local stock availability.

Send an email to our International Sales Department with your location and estimated order size, and we’ll confirm if we are able to support your needs.

2. Get inspired

Visit IKEA.nl/en where you’ll find loads of inspirational products and ideas, or take a look at our business inspiration galleries below.

Three people are busy working in a light-filled, white office setting with grey and black accents.

An office space that works

Whether you need a space for creative brainstorming sessions, business presentations, answering emails or to chat with colleagues, IKEA helps you to create an office with a lot of possibilities. Businesses, start-ups, and even schools can order office furniture delivery to most countries in the world.

A couple of people are sitting and socialising whilst enjoying drinks inside a vibrant and lively café.

More than a coffee shop

Create a reason for customers to come back to your bistro, cafe or restaurant. Make it a place with a warm atmosphere and comfortable furniture to chat with friends or to dine with family. Let us help you furnish your space with seamless international delivery.

Hospitality inspiration gallery

Black display cases, a clothing rack and a display table are filled with products including clothing and cosmetic items.

Displays that dazzle

Present and show off clothing, home accessories, flowers, or anything else you’re selling in an inspiring way by ordering IKEA products from abroad. With a variety of clothing racks, wall racks and wall shelves, we can help you create practical and alluring displays.

Retail inspiration gallery

3. Choose your products

All the products shown on IKEA.nl can be ordered. Create an IKEA family account and then make a shopping list. Once you are done, confirm your shopping list by sending your account details to our International Sales Department. We will then be able to retrieve all the items that you have saved in your shopping list. Make sure to review the warranty (PDF, 58KB) before completing your order.

4. Receive your shipping quote and timeline

We will then provide you with a quote for a 20\40 ft. container (one or more) from the Netherlands to the destination port. If you choose to use the services of one of our shipping partners, the costs will be added to your shopping list. Please look at our Terms and conditions (PDF, 0.8MB).
A woman sitting on a sofa with a laptop support cushion on her lap, is busy working on her laptop.

5. Fill out the customer form

Once you’ve received and decided on your quote, a customer form will be sent to you. This includes all practical details that will allow us to move forward with your order.

6. Confirm and pay

Before we process your order, we will need your final OK for everything including the products, shipping costs and our terms and conditions. Once you’ve paid, your products will be picked, loaded and shipped to your port of choice.

7. Enjoy your products

They’ve finally arrived. Now all that is left to do is to have fun with your new furniture. Let us know how the experience has been for you and send us photos – we’d love to see the end result. If you have any feedback, feel free to contact our team.