Privacy Policy - Vietnam

Last modified: [18-09-2020]


1. Why do we have a privacy policy?

When you (the “Candidate” or “you”) create a profile in our recruitment tool on (the “Website”) and when you apply for a specific position, you provide personal data to the Inter IKEA Group (“we”, “us” or “Inter IKEA”). The entities of the Inter IKEA Group together are responsible for the processing of your personal data. You can find the list of the Inter IKEA Group entities <here>. In order to make things easier for you, if you have a question, complaint, comment or request, it is sufficient to send one message to the provided (email) address below, which will cover all the entities within the Inter IKEA Group.

In this privacy policy (hereinafter the Policy) we will inform you about our processing of your personal data. We greatly respect our Candidates’ privacy and are committed to protecting it through compliance with this Policy. We also commit ourselves to be transparent with our Candidates by providing clear information about what personal data we process; the purpose of processing, the retention period of the personal data as well as the legal basis for the processing and other information that we are required to provide pursuant to applicable legislation.

Your personal data will be processed in the recruitment system both on our Website and in a smartphone application used by the recruiting staff of Inter IKEA. For purposes of this Policy any reference to the Website includes the smartphone application (when this is relevant).


2. What personal data do we process?

When a Candidate creates a profile and when the Candidate applies for a specific position through our Website, the Candidate will provide several types of personal data that we will process. We may also collect personal data about the Candidate from other sources which we will then process on our Website. The types of personal data that we may process about you are:

1. Name

2. Gender

3. Nationality

4. Date of birth

5. Telephone number

6. Email address

7. Location

8. Language

9. User name

10. Résumé (the résumé may include photos and videos)

11. Education

12. Experience

13. Salary expectations and/or current salary

14. Notes from the interview process (such notes may, among other things, include preferences and information about your lifestyle such as your hobbies, motivations and interests and our assessment of you as a candidate)

15. Attachments to the application

16. Online assessment results

17. URL link to social media content

18. Photos

19. Background checks / preference check (only if permitted by local law)


 3. Why do we process your personal data?

We will process your personal data for purposes of administrating the recruitment process, which includes inter alia to follow-up on your application, create a candidate profile and to communicate with you in the appropriate manner (e.g. inviting you to an interview).

We will also process the personal data in order to evaluate the application which includes determining if the Candidate is eligible for a certain position, if the Candidate’s education, experience and language skills meet the requirements for the open position, whether the salary level is in line with the Candidate’s expectations and collective bargaining agreements and compensation framework. When evaluating a Candidate’s application we will process the personal data provided in the résumé and cover letter, which may contain (on an optional basis) photos and/or videos of the Candidate.

During the recruitment process, the recruiting team may take notes from e.g. interviews which may contain personal data. Such data are processed in order to evaluate the Candidate for the employment in question. During the application process you may also be asked to perform an online assessment. The results from the online assessment will be processed in order to evaluate the Candidate for the employment in question.

The Website will provide the opportunity for the Candidate to upload attachments for the recruiting team to evaluate. Any such attachment is provided on a voluntary basis and will be processed for the purpose of getting an overall picture of the Candidate and to evaluate the Candidate for the employment in question.

At Inter IKEA we believe in people and respect each other regardless of position, gender and background. Diversity, equality and inclusion increase our understanding of our customers and each other. In order for us to follow up that we reach, recruit for and embrace diversity, gender equality and inclusion we process information about our Candidates’ gender, nationality and date of birth (the provision of such personal data is optional) for statistical purposes and in an anonymous way.

Through the Website you have the possibility to connect your application to your social media accounts (such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter). If you choose to provide a link to your social media accounts, we will process such personal data and review the information in your social media accounts for the purposes of getting an overall procure of you as a Candidate and to evaluate your eligibility for employment with us.

As regards background checks we will only process such personal data if required by local law in the country where the employing Inter IKEA entity is based.

If we intend to process your personal data for other purposes than the purpose for which the data was originally collected, we will notify you of such processing before we initiate it and if necessary, request your consent. For example, if your personal data are processed in relation to the recruitment for a specific position, we may ask for your consent to process your personal data in the future in relation to another position if we think that you would be a suitable candidate for another role within Inter IKEA. If you consent to this, we will process your data for the purpose of future recruitments and you will be a part of our  talent bank . We may also at a later date ask for additional consent to use your personal data for purposes of another company within Inter IKEA that did not receive your personal data in the first instance.


4. Transfer/disclosure of personal data

The personal data provided by a Candidate will be processed by Inter IKEA and may also be transferred to the company within Inter IKEA that is offering the specific position for which the Candidate has applied. Personal data will also be processed by Inter IKEA Digital Business, which is a business unit within Inter IKEA that supports the group in digital matters.

The personal data will be disclosed to SmartRecruiters Inc., which is the supplier of the Website that will access the personal data within the system to provide its services to Inter IKEA, as well as to Smart Recruiter’s suppliers of email and digital functions for the Website. SmartRecruiters is required to adequately safeguard your personal data and not use them for any unauthorised purposes and to ensure that its suppliers do the same.


 5. What is the legal basis for the processing?

Unless otherwise stated in this Policy, the legal basis for our processing of personal data is that the processing is necessary in order to take steps at the request of the Candidate prior to entering into an employment contract. However, if we retain your personal data in order to protect our legal rights, e.g. if a discrimination process is initiated by a candidate in relation to our recruitment for a specific position, such processing of personal data is lawful based on the principle of legitimate interest, with the legitimate interest being to protect our rights in the discrimination case. The transfer of personal data to our service providers as described under Section 4 above is based on the principle of legitimate interest, with the legitimate interest being efficient administration of a joint recruitment tools for Inter IKEA. If we process background checks the legal basis for such processing will be to fulfil a legal obligation.


 6. How long do we keep your personal data?

We will process your personal data only for as long as necessary in relation to the purposes described under section 3 above. Our general policy is that we erase your personal data one 1 year after you have been rejected a job. The reason why we keep your personal data after the termination of the recruitment process is to ensure that we have all necessary data to protect our rights should a candidate take legal actions in a discrimination process in the country where you applied for the job. If you consent to further processing of the personal data for the purposes of being a part of our talent bank, we will retain your personal data as long as you wish to remain in our talent bank. In some cases we may also process your data for a longer period of time than stated above. This may be the case if we need to protect our legal rights, for example in a legal dispute or if necessary to fulfil a legal obligation. 

We will promptly keep you informed when your personal data is deleted or removed from the recruitment system or our Website.  


7. Protection of personal data

We take the following precautions in relation to the personal data you provide us:

We use a variety of technical and organisational security measures, including encryption and authentication tools to protect your personal data. Your personal data are stored on systems behind secure networks and is only accessible to a limited number of persons with special access rights to such systems.

For example, the companies within Inter IKEA that have access to your personal data are required to treat your personal data as confidential and to seek to maintain its security. Only recruiters and relevant managers and co-workers of the Inter IKEA entity or entities to which you directed your application and/or who are otherwise involved in the recruitment process will have access to your personal data.

The personal data processed on our Website are stored in the European Union or within European Economic Area (EEA). If we need to transfer data within the EEA we will only do so if this is possible from a legal and regulatory standpoint, for example:

- We rely on adequacy decisions from the EU on which countries provide an adequate level of data protection. This means that the EU believes a country’s own laws or agreements provide adequate protection for your personal data.

- If there is no adequacy decision from the EU for a country, we then rely on the EU Model Contract Clauses, which are European Commission approved standard contractual clauses relating to data privacy. This ensures that the external party will guarantee an adequate level of protection of your personal data.”


 8. Your rights regarding the processing of personal data

You have many rights regarding your personal information. Read more about them below. If you would like to exercise them or learn more, feel free to contact us! You can find contact detail at the end of this statement. Please note that some of the rights may not be applicable to your situation.

  • Right of access
    • You have the right to know what personal information we process and why. That’s why we inform you in advance about our processing activities via this statement. If you have any questions, or would you like to learn more about what information we process from you, you are always welcome to contact us and we will provide you with further information.
  • Right to rectification
    • If you believe we store wrong information about you, such as your name or address, you can ask us to correct this. 
  • Right to erasure / right to be forgotten
    • You have the right to tell us to permanently erase your personal information from our records. You can do this for example if you believe there’s no longer any need for us to keep it. Or, if you previously have given your permission, you can just decide to withdraw it.
  • Right to restrict the processing activities
    • You have the right to restrict our processing activities in certain situations. This means we will continue to store your information, but we’ll temporarily stop any other processing. Why would you want to do this? For example if you’ve asked us to fix incorrect information. In this situation you may want us to stop processing until the information is correct.
  • Right to data portability
    • In certain situations you have the right to ask us to send your personal information in digital form to you, so that you can forward it to someone else.
  • Right to object
    • You have the right to object to the processing of your information, even when we have a legitimate legal reason to process it. You can do this when we process your information on the basis of our legitimate interest, and you believe that your personal interest outweighs ours. If you do not want us using your information for direct marketing purposes, including profiling, we will comply in any case.
  • Right to withdraw consent
    • If we process your personal information based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent anytime.
  • Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority
    • If you aren’t satisfied with the way we treat your personal information, you have the right to lodge a complaint about us to the national supervisory authority.


 9. Changes to this Policy

If we make any changes to this Policy you will be notified thereof and requested to consent to the updated processing of personal data as set out in the Policy as soon as you log in to your account on the Website and before you can continue using the site.


 10. Contact Information

If you have questions about the processing of your personal data, requests for correction and/or deletion of personal data or if you would like to give us feed-back on our Policy and/or our privacy practices, please contact us by sending a letter to:

Inter IKEA
Olof Palmstraat 1
2616 LN Delft
The Netherlands

or an email to:

To contact the data protection officer, you can send an email to


 11. Consent by the Candidate

By providing data set out in Section 2 above, you agree to grant us your consent for our collection, process, storage, disclose and usage of your personal data in accordance with this Policy.