Creating a better life at home

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt over the past 75+ years, it’s that a better home creates a better life. So we work to create better homes, every day, through the products and solutions we offer.

A woman is sitting on a bed in a sun-lit room, looking outside. There is a bicycle fastened against the wall behind her.

Our curiosity box

To create better homes, we need to know the challenges people are facing in their everyday lives. The world is changing, faster than ever before, and so are people’s needs and dreams.

See how we are keeping up with life at home

Did you know?

Every year since 2014 we’ve been connecting with people around the world to create our Life at Home Report.

So far, we’ve spoken to 105 738 of them.

A grey and white SYMFONISK table lamp shining with a warm light while standing on a white drawer unit next to a bed.

How we work

Finding the smartest, most innovative, cost-efficient way of doing things is part of our DNA. We’ve always gone our own way, knowing that you can’t blaze a trail by walking the same path as everyone else.

A young woman wearing a pink jumper holds a take-away food carton while staring dreamily off into the distance.

Co-creation - working with you to make better things

We believe that the best things are those we create together. Through co-creation, we invite you to share your ideas and feedback with us.

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