A model of a neighbourhood built in clear plastic and a white material.

IKEA explores future living for the many

IKEA, together with Ikano Bostad and SPACE10, set out to explore neighborhood design to create a better everyday life for people in growing urban communities.

Cities all around the world are facing rapid urbanisation, ageing populations, climate change and lack of natural resources as well as unpredictable housing prices. It is clear that we need to rethink construction, management and life cycle of our buildings to become sustainable, affordable and socially equal for the people who would want to live there.

IKEA has initiated two projects looking into how to enable a better everyday life by focusing on the multiple benefits of living in tight-knit communities, which give people a sense of belonging (a proven boost to health and happiness), and provide access to shared facilities and services including things like day care, urban farming, communal dining, fitness, shared transportation, and retail.  

The Better Living project by Ikano Bostad and IKEA is exploring how to develop solutions for future living. The project has a holistic approach, where we look at the home as the whole residential area; neighbourhoods as well as furnishing solutions. The project looks at how to make future living more inclusive, diverse, sustainable and affordable.

The Urban Villages Project by SPACE10, wants to spark conversations about how we design, build, finance and share our future homes, neighbourhoods and cities. The mission is to tackle some of the urgent challenges we face in our new urban realities, all while creating more liveable, affordable and sustainable homes for people.