A group gathered in a narrow exhibition room, with a man taking photos of the images and texts displayed on the walls.

IKEA Museum goes on tour

A new pop-up concept will take IKEA Museum out in the world. A black container tells the history of IKEA Democratic Design, as well as celebrating the 75 anniversary.

Inside the visitor meets a self-explanatory exhibition about IKEA. The 75 anniversary is the starting point for a exhibition that doesn’t only look back. This explains why the concept is called “150 years of curiosity 1943-2018 and the coming 75 years”.

The exhibition consists of a timeline telling the story of Democratic Design products, and the IKEA history told decade by decade through defining moments of the company. Some moments from the past, as well as stories about IKEA today and most likely, tomorrow.

The container will be standing outside of different IKEA stores around the world. All stores have been invited to join. But it could pop up where you least expect it. Because of its mobility it could easily appear on a festival or a public space.


A black shipping container with white text on it, with houses, trees and a blue sky behind it.
A long, narrow exhibition room with white text, images and a timeline on the beige walls, plus wood flooring.