A stage decorated with white and black stripes, a DJ and an audience.

Recap of Democratic Design Days

What really happened during the 2017 Democratic Design Days? Off-White founder, Virgil Abloh prototyped his own take on the classic blue bag, aromatic collaboration with Byredo founder Ben Gorham was introduced, Teenage Engineering threw a party and so much more.

IKEA of Sweden turned into a house full of curiosity during yesterday’s Democratic Design Days. From noon and onward the day was packed with intriguing news, fresh designs and unexpected announcements. In between performances and talks, the guests curiously walked the exhibition space ranging all the way from a staircase of YPPERLIG, to a prototype workshop with in-house designers from IKEA and young African designers that are part of the upcoming collection ÖVERALLT.

A pair of hands drawing with a marker on a yellow carrier bag.

Virgil Abloh working on his version of the iconic FRAKTA bag Piotr Niepsuj

Two people in a studio, studying a yellow carrier bag.

Upcoming collaboration partner Virgil Abloh from Off-White creating his own FRAKTA bag in the IKEA prototype shop Piotr Niepsuj

An interview between two people being filmed.

Journalists curious about Bea Åkerlund and the upcoming collection OMEDELBAR

Three people on a stage with glass-figurine decor.

James Jarvis joining the stage during Democratic Design Days

Of course, there were also quite a few surprises, like when a skateboarder swooshed down the aisles as upcoming collection, SPÄNST was introduced – a collaboration together with lifestyle and fashion designer Chris Stamp. Or, when wheelbarrows of cinnamon buns rolled in, infusing the show with the sweet and sticky scent of freshly baked goods: a build-up to the announcement of future collaboration with Ben Gorham, founder of perfume house Byredo. Or, when IKEA took the viewers to outer space – well, sort of – followed by an “I can’t help but want to dance”-performance by Teenage Engineering.

A DJ set on a stage with a decor of white lines criss-crossing a black screen.

Upcoming collaboration partner Teenage Engineering

A smiling woman standing on a stage with glitzy decor.

Siri Skillgate talking about what IKEA can learn from space

Three people seated on sofas on a stage, one holding a glittery IKEA carrier bag.

Issa Diabaté on stage talking about the upcoming collection ÖVERALLT

A dimly lit auditorium with three people sitting on a stage.

Piet Hein Eek on stage talking about the upcoming collection INDUSTRIELL

Since we can’t go back in time, check out the Democratic Design Days blog feed and hit play below for an up close experience of yesterday’s afternoon show. More behind the scene stories about these upcoming collaborations to come…