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Exciting morning alarms and dimmed lights at night

What tune did you wake up to today? Or did the sun hit your eyes? Imagine what your home would be like if you could create the perfect atmosphere to match your mood. We talked to Rebecca, Johanna and Bilgi on how they use smart solutions to set the mood in just one click.

Our mood, needs and tasks at home vary depending on the hour of the day. Life at home becomes more comfortable if we can spend the day in the right environment.

“I start my day exactly the way I want. It feels great to wake up to soft music instead of an annoying ringtone. I then follow up with some yoga tunes while the morning sunshine seeks its way into the room. It’s truly a magical feeling and the best way to start the day, says Johanna Nordell, Business leader at IKEA Home smart, while explaining her idea of the ideal morning.

A woman doing yoga on the living room floor.

Portrait of a smiling woman holding a big cup in a kitchen.

Johanna Nordell, Business leader at IKEA Home smart, likes to wake up to soft music and follow up with some yoga.

“As I mostly stay at home these days, it becomes essential to take regular breaks and refresh my mind for better efficiency in my work. First thing I do during lunch break is to put on some music. I have set playlists for different moods, and I can leave my phone behind to take a break,” she continues.

A work from home situation and a man focusing on his computer screen.

While Bilgi Karan talks about how he, his family and his plants enjoy the perfect environment at home, this UX Leader at IKEA Home smart has always been fascinated by light and its impact on people’s mood and plants.
“I live in a small apartment together with my wife and lots of plants. My wife is a plant researcher, so these silent companions mean much more to us. I love how plants reflect natural and artificial light and make any space cosy,” Bilgi says.

A window sill with white curtains, flowers and green plants.

Windows with curtains, lighting and large plants and a sofa.

Johanna and Bilgi have their ways of spending evenings and making the best use of their smart homes. Johanna likes to play loud music and dance with her family or play games. Bilgi uses smart lights at home, which he likes to dim or change colour as per the mood in the house.

“Natural light is so precious here in Sweden, so we have many smart lights in our windows that mimic sunlight. We think that the plants enjoy this too”, says Bilgi.

Johanna likes to cuddle up on the sofa to relax with a cup of tea, some games and relaxing tunes.

“I have lost count on how many times we have played UNO”, she says.

An YPPERLIG LED table lamp base and remote control.

A mum and her daughter are playing a card game in their living room.

Even though the IKEA Home smart products work by themselves, making them work together in the IKEA Home smart eco-system offers almost endless possibilities for creating the perfect atmosphere in your home. Rebecca Töreman, Business leader at IKEA Home smart, is using the eco-system to create the desired atmosphere in her home.

In her home, she has most of the IKEA Home smart products, including the FYRTUR blinds, TRÅDFRI bulbs, steering devices and the SYMFONISK speakers.
“Honestly, it feels great to have an opportunity to test many of the prototypes in my house before they arrive in the stores,” Rebecca says.

Portrait of a smiling woman in her living room with white walls and a large plant.

A bedroom with dark walls and two windows with black-out curtains.

How do customised atmospheres impact your mood during the different parts of the day?
“A lot! I think that the right ambience is essential to be able to create the right mood. I use both natural lighting, electric lighting together with music to change my mood during different times of the day. For example, I like dimmed and warm-toned lights during evenings and the lights do wonders when they are combined with my evening playlist,” she says.

A living room with large windows, plants, a rug and a blue sofa.

A bedroom with dark walls, two windows with pulled black-out curtains and warm light.

Which function in the Home smart app is your favourite?
“I like it the most during bedtime when I can lower my FYRTUR blinds and light up the bedside lamps for better night-time reading with just one touch. And of course, I love it when the entire eco-system is all set to wake me up in a perfect way. I never thought morning alarms could be so exciting.”

Do you have any other tips to make the home a special place?
“Use every corner of your home to make you feel pampered by transforming it with different lighting, playlists and trying out new recipes. Nevertheless, give your day a perfect start and an ideal end. Then everything in between will be fantastic,” Rebecca says.