Simple, handmade sketches of SVANÖ trellis bench.

IKEA FAMILY members – Products with added people power

Do you want to know more about how IKEA develops its products and share your ideas? IKEA will opening up product development with people all over the world.

We all know that good ideas can come from anywhere. And that working together is the best way to solve everyday needs and frustrations. Truths hard to argue with. That is why IKEA will soon invite FAMILY members to co-create upcoming products. At the same time you will get a sneak peek behind the scenes.

IKEA has always looked for new and smarter ways of doing things. When Co-create IKEA saw the light of day three years ago, 3500 co-workers could participate in the process of developing a product. The trellis bench SVANÖ, for example, would probably have become a completely different outdoor furniture without the community feedback while it was only a rough sketch.

The community will soon open up to IKEA FAMILY members in a few selected markets, who later this year can register and be a part of the development process.

“We are taking it step by step. We test, learn, step, test again because we want the digital platform to be a space where you enter and feel welcome to add your ideas and get involved, get inspired and it’s easy to contribute.’ says Emma Dafnäs, manager at Co-create IKEA.

A Co-create IKEA project includes different phases and activities, for instance surveys where you learn about other people’s life at home, sharing ideas, voting on favourites and giving feedback. Along the way you get an unique insight into the product development process.

Portrait of Emma Dafnäs with greenery in the background.
Emma Dafnäs, Co-createIKEA manager

What kind of products will be the first to co-create with IKEA FAMILY members?

“We are working with everything from decoration through to kitchens, so there will always be a range of different projects people can get involved with,” says Emma Dafnäs.

How did SVANÖ evolve through being a co-create project?

“The SVANÖ trellis bench came to life through a project exploring multifunctional solutions for small outdoor space. From the feedback we developed six design concepts, and the community chose the trellis bench as their favourite and collaborated further with the team to refine its design. The final prototype was shared with the public at the IKEA Museum in February where the public got a chance to try it out,” says Irina Banciu.

When can you join?

“We’ll be reaching out to IKEA FAMILY members in a few test markets later this year. We know we’ll learn a lot from doing that which will make it possible to open it up to the whole world as soon as we can. Stay tuned!” says Irina Banciu.

The first co-created products to reach the stores are part of the new HEMNES bathroom range.

Three persons taking mobile photos of two women with wine glasses, plus a woman pouring them drinks.

SVANÖ trellis.

A man adjusting a metal frame with a chain of lights and a white curtain on it.

What would you do with SVANÖ?