Table leg and table.

Story of the Wedge Dowel

In this short film find out how the Wedge Dowel came into being, how designers such as Knut and Marianne Hagberg are integrating it into their designs and how the suppliers have been able to innovate to increase levels of production.

The Wedge Dowel was invented by prototype engineers at the IKEA pattern shop in Älmhult, Sweden. IKEA Designer Jon Karlsson has likened the pattern shop to a Santa’s workshop for industrial designers. In the pattern shop experts are able to build full-scale prototypes from simple sketches. It plays an indispensable part in the design process at IKEA. 

The pattern shop is not only a place to construct objects in tried and tested methods – it’s also a place to experiment. Creativity and experimentation takes place in all aspects of furniture design – from assembly of products to improving comfort.

Table leg and table.
An idea that was developed in the Prototype Shop – the Wedge Dowel. A click-technique that drastically reduces time taken to assemble and disassemble IKEA furniture, as used in the LISABO table series.