IKEA to start purchasing from Jordan

During the past 4 years IKEA has been collaborating with social entrepreneurs as a way to design for long-term and sustainable social change for vulnerable communities in a way that charity by itself cannot. In November 2016, IKEA decided that we will start purchasing from Jordan, creating livelihood for refugees and locals.

Jordan has taken a great responsibility in hosting refugees. IKEA decided to look into how we can contribute in supporting Jordan’s journey in integrating refugees with locals in the labour market through creating jobs. In November 2016 IKEA decided that we will start purchasing from Jordan. In partnership with Jordan River Foundation, we will create livelihood for Jordanian women and refugees.

“This is a business initiative which goes hand in hand with our vision of creating a better everyday life for the many people. And one of the major purposes is to support Jordan’s journey in integrating refugees with locals in the labour market through jobs”, says Vaishali Misra Business Leader at IKEA Range and Supply.

The business setup is through Social Entrepreneurs, a new way of doing business for IKEA where partnerships are created with businesses across the world that focus on partnering with enterprises benefitting social issues and creating lasting change in their communities. By setting up partnerships with social entrepreneurs, we enable these small businesses global market access as well as give access to our business principles and knowledge which helps to build their capability and capacity for global market need.

A lot of people in the area are skilled craftspeople and their competence is something IKEA wants to build on. The business will therefore be within the textile and rugs segment including weaving, stitching and embroidery work. During spring 2017 we have been working together with Jordan River Foundation on the design process to identify and develop prototypes for the collection, this will be finalized end of June 2017.

“Inspired by Bedouins and stories passed on in generations from mothers to their daughters, this collection is a meeting between strong women of today and their knowledge and skills in handicraft”, says Paulin Machado, designer at IKEA Range and Supply.

The IKEA Social Entrepreneur Initiative is about merging gaps between people and cultures, sharing ideas and creating a better everyday life for more of the many. For IKEA, it also provides a great deal of inspiration, knowledge and partnership with skilled artisans, while offering customers unique handicraft.

On, 5 December 2017, the first collection of precious, handcrafted textiles was launched in IKEA Jordan and more markets will follow during 2018. 


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