Welcome to experience the future living room in Milan

The role of the living room is changing dramatically and that is why IKEA is redefining the room where the everyday life happens. As cities grow, homes become smaller and the presence of technology becomes greater, we need our living spaces to be multifunctional. The living room needs to be the most flexible room in the home. In the `IKEA Festival - Let’s Make Room for Life’ exhibition, IKEA will launch its new take on the living room.

- People have told us that the living room is the heart of everyday life at home, full of activities and precious moments. Yet, it’s a room in need of change. As a curious company, we want to understand these needs and meet them with solutions that cater for the everyday life. In Milan people get to experience our take on this challenge, hopefully it will be vibrant, like coming to a great party in someone’s living room, says Marcus Engman, Head of Design at IKEA of Sweden.
In Milan IKEA will share the latest news from our ongoing collaborations with the Danish company HAY, designer Tom Dixon, the multifaceted design platform Design Indaba, artist Kevin Lyons and the visual artist duo Pinar&Viola. On Tuesday 4 April, IKEA will also disclose a new and upcoming collaboration with an American fashion designer. It will all happen through Sofa Talks throughout the week on one of the stages as well as through live workshops and a doodle art event. Another stage offers a behind-the-scenes peek at IKEA product development, including Robot painting with design students from ECAL School of Design in Switzerland.
In the old Warehouse, visitors will get to see hundreds of news in six new collections including YPPERLIG, DELAKTIG, STOCKHOLM, BJÖRKSNÄS, ART EVENT 2017 and STUNSIG and new sofa series such as VIMLE, HAVSTEN and VALLENTUNA. The exhibitions have been created by the British designer Faye Toogood, the Swedish creatives and bloggers Anna & Pella and the Barcelona-based magazine Openhouse. Their setups will inspire visitors to experiment, personalise, socialise and make room for life in the living room. Outside of the Warehouse, the IKEA Food Market will serve up an Italian take on Swedish meatballs as well as drinks and Swedish “fika”.
At Teatro Manzoni, Tom Dixon´s venue in Milan, IKEA will use the old cinema to present a program of exclusive short film screenings and talks on futuristic topics, a documentary about DELAKTIG “The Journey of an Idea” as well as date night movies such as Saturday Night Fever. At this venue there will also be an IKEA PS 2017 pop-up shop, and visitors can see DELAKTIG in different shapes and experience how IKEA and Tom Dixon has been working together with our suppliers and students from three universities in Tokyo, London and New York to develop and explore a platform that offers endless possibilities.

About the `IKEA Festival Let’s Make Room for Life’ exhibition
Open to all, 10 am – 8 pm, located at Officina Ventura 14, Via Privata Giovanni Ventura 14, Lambrate.
See the full program in the IKEA Festival 2017 Press kit.
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