See the LIVE show from Democratic Design Days 2017!

IKEA Democratic Design Days is a yearly re-occurring event in Älmhult Sweden – the very heart of IKEA where all our product development takes place. During these days we share the journey of our products before they reach the stores, we open up our Democratic Design Centre and share insights, collaborations, prototypes and glimpses of coming collections. We also share how we make things better through Democratic Design and let visitors meet both the people and the stories behind our products and ideas.

During this live stream you will hear all about our future collaborations for the very first time. Take a seat and enjoy the show!  

Download the full version of the live show here.​​   


  • Range and Supply
    For questions regarding the IKEA range: how we design and develop our products, including the IKEA food offer, and questions regarding how we source and distribute them, please contact us here: