Ten startups will co-create the future with IKEA

At IKEA, we are curious about the future and we believe that good ideas can come from anywhere. With a startup program launched earlier this year, IKEA has connected with innovative startups across the globe to look into the challenges of today and tomorrow. The first startup activity, IKEA Bootcamp, generated over 1200 applications that have now been narrowed down to ten startups that will join the IKEA product development centre in Älmhult as of September 18 2017.

The IKEA approach to innovation always has, and always will start with the IKEA vision: to create a better everyday life for the many people. And we believe in the power of the many and that is why this startup program became a reality. After a worldwide tour with applications from 86 different countries, and a selection process with the mission to find the best suited startups for IKEA, ten startups have now been selected.

“The foundation for the selection process has been to find the startups that we believe could help us solve the challenges around being truly affordable for the many people, reaching and interacting with the many, and enabling a positive impact on the planet, people and society”, says Tony Sandelius, New Business and Innovation manager at IKEA of Sweden.

The startup program is a collaboration with Rainmaking Innovation, a global cooperative of entrepreneurs with great knowledge of working with startup companies. The program will enable the selected startups to develop by applying Rainmaking’s knowledge and experience with accelerators, in the context of the IKEA values and vision. The applications have been within a wide range of different areas ranging from new innovative technology to new ways of meeting customers.

“We were really impressed by the applications that we received for the program. The quality of the startups and their teams was extremely high so the selection process was very hard”, says Karin Blomqvist, Program Director for IKEA Bootcamp, at Rainmaking Innovation. 

During the program the selected startups will be located at IKEA of Sweden in Älmhult, Sweden, where the future IKEA products are developed. The startups will get access to IKEA prototype shop, test lab, co-workers within IKEA of Sweden and a senior IKEA mentor each. In addition to this they will also get tailored mentorship and advice from more than 75 mentors from Rainmaking’s global network of serial entrepreneurs and experts.

The program ends with a demonstration day at IKEA of Sweden in December, where the startups will show their progress throughout the program, and prototypes, collaborations and findings of the work will be presented. Hopefully ending in ideas of meeting the future of IKEA in new and exciting ways.

“The word impossible doesn't exist in the IKEA language. We are constantly exploring the future to find new solutions and together with the chosen startups teams we want to challenge ourselves even further”, says Tony Sandelius, New Business and Innovation manager at IKEA of Sweden.



Anyware Solutions – Denmark

Anyware Solutions enables everyone to have a smart home with their smart adaptors

Bare Conductive – UK

Bare Conductive creates printed sensors that will connect every surface, space, and building

Flying Spark – Israel

Flying Spark makes a new protein source from fruit fly larvae in powder form

Goodbag – Austria

Goodbag is the world’s first smart shopping bag

How Do I? – UK

How Do I? is an app that makes step-by-step life skill videos accessible to people with learning disabilities

Hubstairs – France

Hubstairs helps you get your interior decorated by a designer with selected furniture

Matter – Portugal

Matter rematerializes agro-industrial waste into innovative surface materials

Mimbly – Sweden

Mimbly is an add-on water recycling system that works with washing machines

Niwa – Spain

Niwa enables anyone to grow indoors via smart software and data intelligence

Nüwiel – Germany

Nüwiel develops e-powered bicycle trailers for last mile delivery


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