IKEA Hacked - A new exhibition at IKEA Museum in Älmhult

Art and design pieces – all made of IKEA items? The 28th of April IKEA Museum in Älmhult opens the doors to the new exhibition IKEA Hacked: Our Products. Your Ideas, and will transform the museum to a forum for inspiration, imagination, creativity and idea sharing for all ages. The exhibition consists of IKEA products hacked by 30 artists and designers worldwide.

The phenomena of hacking, altering and remaking of IKEA items can be anything from people changing the legs of a KLIPPAN sofa, painting a LACK table or creating a detailed tailored dress from FRAKTA bags. Hacking is today almost a lifestyle where individuals creates a specific emotional bond to something that they have built and re-built by themselves.

“At IKEA Museum we are curious and want to explore what is happening around us and why. The phenomenon of hacking IKEA items has attracted a lot of interest worldwide with enthusiasts spanning all ages, nationalities and backgrounds. We think that this is really interesting to capture in an exhibition where the point of view are your ideas.”, says Camilla Junger, Exhibition Team Leader at IKEA Museum.

More than 30 artists and designers from all over the world have been invited to present their take on hacking IKEA products. Several of them are internationally renowned and most of them presented in Sweden for the first time. The exhibition will also include visiting artists-in-residence that will do live hacking in the museum, showing how they are using IKEA products as a starting point and raw material for their work, and explore the future of hacking.

The exhibition will display a wide range of art and design pieces made from IKEA products, ranging from the “pencil chair” made out of 6971 short pens from the IKEA store, a sculpture made of 63 TEODORES chairs stacked on one another, to the interactive light table where the visitor can create a one minute lamp using IKEA items.

An extensive programme of lectures and workshops looking at the different aspects of hacking will run during the exhibition period. And the visitors, of all ages, will get the opportunity to unleash their creativity.

“Visitors will get the opportunity to create their own hacks that may end up in the exhibition, or even inspire future IKEA collections. We would like to spark the creativity of our visitor by giving them the opportunity to make their own interactive hacks.”, says Anna Sandberg Falk and Annemieke van Leeuwen, curators at IKEA Museum.

The exhibition also looks at what might happen when IKEA products are hacked and altered and what possible consequences that could have to the products. During the weeks up to the opening date 28th of April you can follow the process of the build-up of the exhibition and behind the scenes of ”IKEA Hacked: Our products. Your ideas.” at and IKEA Museum social media.


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