IKEA adds delicious salmon balls to the popular (m)eatball range

IKEA is developing salmon balls as a new member to the popular (m)eatball range which today consists of Swedish meatballs, chicken meatballs and the plant-based veggie balls. Introducing salmon balls is contributing to the IKEA goal to offer a larger variety of healthier and more sustainable food that is delicious, good for the people and has a lower impact on the environment.

In August 2018 IKEA Food Services AB will introduce a fourth (m)eatballs version: A salmon ball made from ASC-certified salmon with the addition of MSC-certified cod. Seasoned with seaweed and lemongrass this new product captures the fresh taste of cold Nordic sea in a tasty ball. With four different kinds of (m)eatballs IKEA can meet the food and taste preferences of the many people – vegetarians, flexitarians, seafood lovers, and classic meatball fans.

“For the product development of the salmon balls we looked at processing of salmon and realised that there is a lot of potential in other parts of this fantastic fish, the smaller pieces that cannot be used as fillets. We worked closely with our suppliers, optimized the process and together created this tasty source of protein with a lower carbon footprint” says Sabrina Anania-Stepanian, product developer IKEA Food Services AB. “I’m really proud of the new salmon balls and can’t wait for our customers to try them in IKEA Restaurants” she adds. By making the most of the raw material and creating high-volume use of the smaller pieces of salmon, the salmon balls are a delicious new alternative for customers and a natural next step in making IKEA Restaurants a destination for responsibly and more sustainably sourced food at affordable prices.

A first test in IKEA Restaurants in Portugal shows very positive results: Over 80% of restaurant guests that tried the new salmon balls liked them and almost 90% of customers asked in this survey appreciated the salmon balls as a more sustainable option.

The salmon balls will initially be served in selected markets as part of the IKEA Restaurant offer in autumn 2018. The longer-term ambition is to introduce the salmon balls in more markets and also in the Swedish Food Market to give customers the opportunity to enjoy them at home.

In 2015 IKEA introduced the veggie balls and the chicken meatballs – two healthier and more sustainable options to join the company’s iconic Swedish meatballs on the IKEA menus. Salmon and seafood have a long tradition in Swedish and Scandinavian kitchens. Already today IKEA stores offer various responsibly sourced salmon products: salmon fillet, cured salmon, and cold smoked as well as hot smoked salmon.


About IKEA

IKEA offers well-designed, functional and affordable, high-quality home furnishing, produced with care for people and the environment. There are several companies with different owners, working under the IKEA Brand, all sharing the same vision: to create a better everyday life for the many people. IKEA was founded in Sweden in 1943.

About IKEA Food Services AB

IKEA Food Services AB, based in Malmö, Sweden, develops the global range for the IKEA Restaurants, Bistros and Swedish Food Markets in over 400 IKEA stores in 49 countries. With food at the heart of people’s everyday life, IKEA Food wants to offer a modern taste of Sweden – honest food for people and the planet.


ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council), is an international non-profit organisation that sets environmental and social standards for certifying responsible and well-managed fish farms. It contributes to ensuring availability of seafood, the health of the ocean and the livelihood of local communities that rely of the farms for the long term.

MSC (Marine Stewardship Council), is an international non-profit organisation that certifies sustainable fishery practises for wild caught fish. MSC certified fisheries must continually meet requirements for maintaining fish populations, reducing impacts on the environment and ensuring that the fishery is well managed.



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