IKEA in Art Rug collaboration with eight influential artists

What happens when you merge traditional rug and tapestry techniques with avant-garde fashion, tattoo art and sculptural objects? IKEA wanted to find out, and so the limited edition collection Art Rugs was born.

On this eclectic limited edition collection, IKEA worked with eight global contemporary artists from different parts of the art world such as painting, sculpture and fashion. The eight rugs have a wide range of expressions, styles, shapes and sizes, all reflecting the diversity of the artists.

“IKEA believes art should be democratic and a natural part of the many peoples home, not just for the galleries and museums. We set out to create an unexpected collaboration, and ended up with a multifaceted collection of disruptive statement rugs that will bring a lot of life and expression to any home.” says Henrik Most, Creative Leader for the upcoming collection.

The artists behind the collection are Craig Green, Virgil Abloh, Chiaozza, Noah Lyon, Seulgi Lee, Misaki Kawai, Supakitch and Filip Pagowski. All eight have had full artistic freedom in the design process, working from their studios all over the world. The eight rugs are manufactured in Egypt and India, using traditional methods such as dhurrie weaving and hand tufted piles, and are made with high quality wool.

“We’ve watched this vibrant magic appear from the clash of global modern expressions with the traditional art of rug making. The result is this colourful collection, exploding with dynamic boldness. We are really excited to finally be able to share the result with the many people”. Henrik Most, Creative Leader, IKEA of Sweden.

IKEA Art Rugs will be available for a limited time starting spring 2019.