IKEA and Xiaomi teams up to make IKEA Smart Lighting available in China

For the past years IKEA has been on a journey enabling more people to have the functionality of mood setting in their home with the smart lighting range TRÅDFRI. Now IKEA has teamed up with the Chinese home technology brand Xiaomi in order to make IKEA Smart Lighting available in China.

Many people want to change the light and mood depending on the activity and small changes in the lighting can have a great impact on people’s well-being. It also creates atmosphere since there is a big difference between cold and warm lights. Cold light is better when you need to focus, and warm light is better for relaxation at home.

“We know that many people perceive the connected home as something expensive and complicated. With IKEA smart lighting we want to make it easy for people to create different moods in their homes like for example that specific dinner-with-friends mood in an affordable way”, says Björn Block, Business Leader for IKEA Home Smart, at IKEA of Sweden.

IKEA Smart Lighting is a simple and easy plug and play solution, all it takes is replacing a light bulb with a smart TRÅDFRI LED bulb. The coming years it will be possible to continue building your smart home, and next up is the TRÅDFRI control outlet where you will be able to control your attached device in the TRÅDFRI app. By using the ZigBee protocol for IKEA Smart Lighting it’s possible to work with others on the market, enabling people to have a seamless experience regardless of what other smart home brand they have chosen to start out with. Compatibility for voice steering with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant is also one step on this journey. Now the next step is taken by being compatible with Xiaomi IoT platform.

“Working cross industries can make smart home technology accessible for many more people, and making new friends is one important step in creating a good experience for the user. That is why we are really happy to team up with Xiaomi, together we want to make it possible to use the TRÅDFRI Smart Lighting on your Xiaomi device starting out on the Chinese market”, says Björn Block, Business Leader for IKEA Home Smart, at IKEA of Sweden.

“IKEA is a great company that we deeply admire. We are so happy to cooperate with IKEA to enable all Mijia users to add IKEA smart lighting to their smart home experience. With all the products already connected on Xiaomi IoT Platform, including various sensors, domestic appliances, AI speakers, and more, we are also very happy that more interesting experiences can be brought to TRÅDFRI users through interactions between TRÅDFRI and existing and future products on our platform. Open cooperation is a key strategy of Xiaomi IoT Platform. We hope to build an interconnected IoT ecosystem with excellent companies to provide users with better and better experiences.”, says Dian Fan, General Manager for Xiaomi IoT Platform, at Xiaomi

Compatibility between IKEA Smart Lighting and Xiaomi will be available from December 2018.


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