Democratic Design - Make things better by making better things

To develop a product without any boundaries is much easier than to develop a product that delivers on both form, function, sustainability and quality and at a price level people can afford. But that is the challenge we have decided to take on, because we believe everyone deserves a good home. Our foundation is the dream of creating a more human, more fun, simpler, smarter, and more beautiful everyday life for the many people.

We call it the five dimensions of Democratic Design. We want the form to contribute to making everyday life a little bit more joyful and beautiful. Function means that the product meets all the needs of everyday life. Quality means that our products last over time. And the low price makes the product accessible to the many people. Lastly, sustainability is about much more than just the choice of material or how something is manufactured. We want to take long-term responsibility all the way from how we source the material, to the people who are producing it, and all the way on to the customer.

Our idea about Democratic Design is rooted in a tradition of functionalism and humanism. And it’s also a product of our playful attitude towards challenges. Our product developers and designers have to find the right balance of all these elements when the design process begins. It is a challenge that keeps us innovative. It is also a challenge that we have to take on as a team. Very early on in the design phase, our product developers and designers work with a diverse team of technicians, manufacturers and specialists – often right on the factory floor. This special partnership with our suppliers helps keep our prices low and find the latest techniques to create products the IKEA way.

Next time you cozy up to a loved one in a SÖDERHAMN, cook pasta for your friends on TILLREDA, or turn off RYET before you drift to sleep, you might look at our products in a different way. It’s so much more than just a sofa, an induction hob and a light bulb – it’s Democratic Design.




  • Range and Supply
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