The IKEA TRÅDFRI app gets a new name for the future of IKEA Home smart

IKEA is embarking on a new journey within the smart home by changing the name of the `TRÅDFRI app’ that steers the eco-system of connected products to `IKEA Home smart app´.

Earlier this summer IKEA announced that after an update of the TRÅDFRI app people will be able to steer all the IKEA smart products such as smart lighting, smart blinds and connected speakers, through the TRÅDFRI app. After the update people will be able to pre-set lighting moods and design their own light and also set a timer to turn the lights on/off at a specific time. It will also be possible to group your different connected products so that when your lights goes on, the blinds goes up and the music starts playing. Making it easy for people to change their atmosphere at home.

Now the TRÅDFRI app will change name to IKEA Home smart app showing the direction of the smart home for IKEA, catering for a unified eco-system and the possibility of continuing building on the range of connected products at IKEA.

“We started out our journey within the smart home with our smart lighting range TRÅDFRI where we also named the steering app with the same name. Now, moving into the next step we want to simplify for our customers and not create different steering systems. Instead we want to make it possible for you to steer all your smart products in the same app also making them work together seamlessly in the home.”, says Björn Block, Head of IKEA Home smart.

The name change will take place in end of June and will happen wirelessly to all existing TRÅDFRI users.