IKEA Catalogue 2020 – starting a sleep revolution

The IKEA Catalogue 2020 is here, presenting the importance and joy of getting a great night’s sleep. And some of the easy ways you can make it happen in your own homes.

Great sleep makes us to feel good and helps us better manage whatever comes our way during the day. With the help of curtains and blinds, mattresses, quilts and pillows, rugs and plants, the IKEA catalogue introduces easy to follow ideas of how to improve your sleep.

Adjusting the level of light, the right sleep comfort and temperature, rugs and curtains to reduce noise levels and green plants to improve air quality in your bed area can make a big impact. 

“At IKEA we feel so inspired by how much good rest can affect people’s lives that we not only want to spread the word, we want to start a sleep revolution!”, says Tanja Dolphin Global Catalogue Manager at IKEA Communications AB.

Life at home varies in different parts of the world, so to help make the solutions resonate with as many people as possible, IKEA designers from multiple countries have worked to co-create one of the homes featured in our catalogue.

“Each of the designers brought lots of insights to the production of the IKEA Catalogue, and we think it absolutely made a difference. After all, it's a big world, and we're trying to help as many people as possible to feel better at home” says Tanja.

There are six different homes in the IKEA Catalogue 2020, created based on universal, core emotional needs related to homes.

“At IKEA we conduct in-depth interviews and home visits with people around the world. In our research we identified these emotional needs that, if fulfilled, make for better a life at home,” says Tanja.



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