IKEA continues to grow while developing for the future

Today, Inter IKEA Group shares IKEA facts and figures for financial year 2019 (FY19). The IKEA financial year runs from 1 September to 31 August.

Around the world, 211,000 IKEA co-workers have contributed to create a better everyday life for the many people. Together they’ve introduced more than 2,000 new products, tested new store formatsand helped IKEA customers get the products and solutions they need. As a result, IKEA retail sales grew by 6.5% in FY19. Total retail sales, which includes sales of both products and services to IKEA customers, amounted to EUR 41.3 billion.

In-store and online, customers bought 5 million smart bulbs and accessories, 7 million BILLY bookcases and more than 10 million veggie hot dogs! They also re-discovered some old favourites in a collection called GRATULERA – released to celebrate 75 years of the IKEA Brand. And in August IKEA stores unveiled SYMFONISK, a new collection developed together with SONOS. On the first day alone more than 30,000 SYMFONISK lamps and speakers had been sold. “We are pleased to make smart home products more affordable for customers, and we will invest heavily in the years ahead to develop this part of the IKEA range,” says Torbjörn Lööf, CEO at Inter IKEA Group.

This year 12 new IKEA stores opened around the world, including two smaller stores. Together 433 stores in more than 50 markets welcomed more than 1 billion visitors. IKEA franchisees also opened several small test locations. Nine markets introduced e-commerce, and customers in most IKEA markets can now shop online. Around 2.8 billion people visited the IKEA website, and e-commerce sales grew 43%.

Among the new locations was IKEA La Madeleine. Located in the centre of Paris, nearly two million people can reach it by public transport within 20 minutes. “We’re moving closer to our customers to make shopping more convenient,” says Torbjörn.

IKEA franchisees will continue to move closer to people all over the world. During the coming years new IKEA stores and e-commerce will open in Macau, Puerto Rico, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Estonia, Ukraine, New Zealand, Slovenia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Behind the scenes, IKEA product developers and supply specialists worked to make healthy and sustainable products more affordable and accessible for IKEA customers. Today 60% of the IKEA
range is based on renewable materials, and 10% contains recycled materials. “We’re on an exciting journey to make IKEA more sustainable for our customers,” says Torbjörn.

“This requires transformational change for our supply chain, how our products are designed and how and where we sell them. We have accomplished a lot this year, and yet we’re still in the beginning to reduce our climate footprint and become a circular business.”

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