IKEA Spring Catalogue 2020 invites to an open house

The IKEA Spring Catalogue 2020 is here, inviting the world to an “open house” into five different homes, all filled with inspiration for supporting healthier habits and getting the everyday life organized.

The IKEA catalogue is produced based on in-depth knowledge about people’s needs and dreams for their homes around the world. We know that space constraints are an issue in most homes, especially when it comes to storage and there is a strong desire to stop wasting time searching for things and instead spend time with family or friends.
“Every day is filled with activities, and each season brings old traditions and new things to do. So, making the most of our time is a priority, but finding the space to hold all the things that allow us to do that with ease is a challenge. Using existing space to the optimum is often key”, says Caroline Hjertström, Acting Global Catalogue Manager at IKEA Communications AB.
Amongst the five homes presented in the IKEA Catalogue, you can find solutions that keep the things you often need available (the day-care bag and the favourite tutu) while providing storage for the things that only come out in season (the holiday cookie cutters and that hand-me-down winter jacket for baby number two).
Many people want to create better homes and healthier routines for themselves. Organising, good sleep and self-care in the bathroom that support healthy habits are key areas, and the homes in the IKEA Spring Catalogue 2020 are dedicated especially to this. 
“Planning and prepping meals gives you control over your nutrition and helps hold off the hangry. Always having a bag ready to go with your workout wear and all the things you need to get yourself together afterwards makes it easier to make it to the gym. Making space to store your at-home exercise gear means you can squeeze in a few reps before you hop in the morning shower”, says Caroline.
We see that many people want to create a home according to new rules and have more fluid movement of ‘home’ activities between spaces and places. They don’t want to own too much, and they strive to simplify life by downsizing, streamlining household tasks and becoming increasingly self-sufficient. This flexible lifestyle is enabled by creative space-saving and space-making solutions. At IKEA, we meet this need by showing creative ways of using small, smart organisers for living small and moving often.
“A kitchen can be a perfect spot for more than meals. It can double up as your home office or even your garden. By using some of IKEA’s portable kitchen fixtures and side units stacked up the walls instead of traditional shelving cabinets, pots and pans can be hung, appliances fitted. Still all can be packed into boxes when you are next ready to move”, says Caroline.
The IKEA Spring Catalogue 2020 is part of a test, and it is distributed in France, Japan, Singapore and Sweden, timed with the spring launch of new IKEA products and collections.