IKEA to launch new AR capabilities for IKEA Place on new iPad Pro

Today IKEA announces Studio Mode – a new upcoming feature for IKEA Place that will harness the capabilities of Apple’s new iPad Pro to create a more personalised and realistic home furnishing experience.

IKEA Place is already one of the most popular AR apps available today. Studio Mode takes it to the next level by interpreting users’ existing homes to render home furnishing solutions that complement their space and style.
Studio Mode also uses detailed 3D depth information to digitally furnish walls, ceilings, seats, table tops and other previously hard-to-reach places for AR applications. The quality and fidelity of the 3D models are more realistic than before. Even dynamic lighting fixtures can be turned on or off to light up the virtual scene.
“AR experiences thus far have been limited by they can understand and react to the environment within which they’re taking place. Studio Mode with the new iPad Pro presents powerful proof of the potential AR and AI have to deliver more meaningful, personal, and playful experiences at home with IKEA,” says Kaave Pour, Director at SPACE10, IKEA’s research and design lab.
The ultimate goal is to inspire people by combining technology with knowledge of life at home. “We’re using inspiring new technology like ARKit to make IKEA home furnishing knowledge accessible for everyone,” says Gerry Rogers, Digital Transformation Leader at Inter IKEA Group. “To do so, we are looking into the newest technologies, not for the sake of technology, but to create a better everyday life for the many people.”
The updated IKEA Place app featuring Studio Mode will be available later this year.